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Astrato Announces Partnership with Dremio

Astrato, the next-generation Live Query data visualization and analytics data app, announces its new partnership with modern data lakehouse platform, DremioAstrato CEO Martin Mahler commented:

“This exciting partnership between Astrato and Dremio is a great achievement that validates the power of Astrato’s cross-platform live query SQL engine. Dremio’s data lake delivers data analytics at scale across multiple data formats in sub-second performance.

With Astrato, this experience is now delivered to front-line consumers in the business who can explore, analyze and present the data in the form of dashboards and visualisations for real-time decision making. The power of Dremio’s engine, combined with the user-friendly low-code UI of Astrato will maximize democratization of data and accelerate business value for data-driven organizations.”

Astrato’s Head of Research and Development, Ralf Becher added:

“I have been thrilled to work on this ground-breaking partnership between Astrato and Dremio. Our team knew from the start that this partnership was an exciting opportunity to provide our customers with cross platform querying capabilities. 

Integrating Dremio’s Cloud-native services in Astrato adds significant value for our users. Firstly, it creates a single point of contact for the execution of queries and blending of data from many data sources, including Cloud databases and data lakes. But not only this, it gives people that are not tech savvy unprecedented access to valuable and insightful data. And, ad hoc and self service analytics are quick because of Dremio’s query acceleration using Reflections.”  

Astrato announces partnership with Dremio

About Astrato and Dremio

Dremio is an open source Data-as-a-Service (DAAS) platform and easy data lakehouse. Dremio combines self-service SQL analytics, data warehouse performance and functionality, and data lake flexibility. The platform is used by organizations around the world to deliver mission-critical Business Intelligence on the data lake. 

Astrato has partnered with Dremio to enable our customers to power analytics and BI directly on their data lakes. This exciting partnership gives users improved access to performance, functionality, and governance of their data warehouse, with all the scalability and cost efficiency of a data lake. 

The impact of the Astrato and Dremio partnership

Together, Astrato and Dremio enable users to make live data decisions, and unlock real-time insights across their organization, while offering a creator-centric layer for impactful data visualization and storytelling.

Martin added:  “This integration enables our customers to seamlessly surface data to their business directly from their data lake in the form of dashboards or visualizations. We are confident that this forward-thinking partnership will give our customers instant value by immediately expanding the capabilities of data analysis across new data sources.” 

The team at Dremio commented: “This dynamic partnership will accelerate innovation across the BI ecosystem and empower Cloud, technology, and SI partners to meet customers where they are, and propel them on their journey forward.”

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