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Astrato champions the next generation of cloud BI

Astrato Analytics empowers organizations to play the data where it lives

December 2, 2021, LONDON – Astrato Analytics today unveils the new approach to cloud analytics. Astrato, the cloud BI and analytics platform, empowers everyone with real-time insights from Snowflake’s Data Cloud to keep pace with the increasing flow of business data for informed decision making.

Organizations that have invested in Snowflake Data Cloud can now live-query, analyze and visualize their data where it lives with no data movement – finally eliminating data silos and untrusted insight. Astrato beta user Melissa Pluke, Head of Analytics at Switch RCM comments: “Astrato fulfills the data exploration market gap with a visualization solution that’s both intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to explore your data in real-time.”

With Astrato, Snowflake’s vision of “one platform, many workloads, no data silos” becomes a reality for the enterprise. Unlike legacy BI and analytics tools that have been retrofitted for the cloud, Astrato is cloud native and plays the data where it lives. This allows organizations democratized access to data, faster time to insights while maintaining data governance, security and resilience.

Martin Mahler, CEO, Astrato Analytics, comments: “Extracting data from the cloud and the risks associated with moving data ends today. By playing the data where it lives you guarantee the value and accuracy, while enabling hyper agility for organizations in how they respond to the insights they discover. Our purpose for creating Astrato Analytics was to give flexibility in how data within Snowflake’s Data Cloud is explored and analyzed. This is the future of cloud BI.”

Astrato’s mission – making customers’ data talk – centers on how data is handled once it is in the cloud. No longer a repository where data is moved in and out. Data can stay where it lives, retaining the benefits of cloud storage, while giving businesses complete flexibility and elasticity in how this data is analyzed. Astrato beta user Robert Svebeck, CEO at XRSTORY comments: “It looks very impressive! And now I can connect the data stream to Snowflake, making it platform agnostic. Everything comes from a single source, so the analytics platform can focus on just the data it has.”

Gone are the days of read-only workbooks; Astrato drives two-way data storytelling, with interactive workflows, writeback and live commenting. Turning dashboards into analytical business apps accelerates the analytics loop from insight, to action, to business value. Using powerful visualizations, data can be explored within dynamic dashboards, where rich context can be added around multiple visualizations to bring meaning to the data, resulting in actionable insights. From annotations to text or adding logic, take data analytics and business intelligence to the next level.

Astrato Analytics is free to explore for everyone for up to five users, either on Snowflake’s Data Cloud, or with Google Spreadsheets. Sign up now for free – access for up to five users with no time limits. Register now for the first monthly live stream event of Astrato and learn more about playing the data where it lives!

About Astrato Analytics

Astrato, the cloud BI and analytics platform is the next-generation live query data visualization and analytics solution, empowering everyone to make live data decisions. With direct access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Astrato unlocks real-time insights across your organization, and provides a creator-centric layer for your data visualization. Fully customizable, analytics capabilities with Vizlib’s best-in-class dashboarding experience. And no coding skills needed! Close the analytics loop with integrated writeback – input, edit and comment on your data where it lives. From analytics to actionable insights in the cloud with zero data movement. Astrato – play the data where it lives!

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