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Astrato Community – Explore the Galaxy!

Space is vast, and it can be a lonely place. ASTRATOnauts in our online community, the Astrato Galaxy, can connect, inspire, and grow together to create data visualizations that are out of this world. 

The community is a hub for people to explore shared interests, exchange ideas, gain knowledge and understanding, and engage with like-minded people.

–Jason Radford, Community Manager

Create your Constellation 

The Astrato Galaxy offers a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse group who share your passion for innovation, data, and a cloud-native approach to Business Intelligence (BI). Whether you’re a seasoned expert doing something unique with Astrato, or just getting started on your journey, building a constellation of relationships can help you stay ahead of the game. 

There are some really talented people already active in the Galaxy, providing some absolutely unparalleled expertise and insight into Astrato and the world of Data in general. The community would be all the richer for your contribution. 

Astrato Community

Keep Learning

Do you have questions? How convenient! The Galaxy has answers. No query is too big or too small. 

The Galaxy can direct you to the full spectrum of our resources, including documentation and video content. You also can benefit from brainstorming and different perspectives through the community function. Seeing the answers to your questions can help others on their learning journey, and, in turn, you can look through the forum to learn from previous conversations. 

Enjoy the Ride 

Settle in, chat, relax— the Galaxy wants to hear all about what went well (or what didn’t) with your latest dashboard, or the cool feature you’ve been using that deserves more buzz. The more you contribute and become a trusted member of the community, the higher you climb on our leaderboard. We love recognizing our MVPs! 

The Galaxy is also home to competitions. These not only give you the opportunity to gain experience, demonstrate your progress, and garner recognition; you could also be in the running to win some fantastic prizes.

To get an idea of the amazing things the community creates, take a look at the dashboard that won our recent Astrato Mad-DASH contest here. Our Astrato GoodViz Challenge is another great example. Don’t be shy, show us what you can do!

Become Inspired 

There is an entire section of the Galaxy solely dedicated to sharing dashboard designs and inspiration. Explore a vast collection of dashboard design and get inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of other BI developers. It’s also an opportunity to build your own portfolio of designs that showcase your skills and experience.

Get started with Astrato with confidence!

Have your Say

If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? If you have great ideas but the Astrato team isn’t aware, will they ever be implemented? 

The Galaxy is where our ASTRATOnauts post ideas for product enhancements, vote on ideas posted by others, and have conversations and debates that can impact on our product roadmap. In one recent example, an ASTRATOnaut suggested an added functionality for restricting filters. We thought it was such a good idea, the new feature was available the following month. 

By participating, you can actively shape the product you use and make it even better. The team even follows general discussions to gain insight into people’s interests, the questions they’re asking, and areas where we need to make improvements or increase awareness of pre-existing features.

Stay Up-to-date

Staying at the forefront is crucial in the ever-evolving world of data. Our community announcements and updates keep you in the loop. This way, you won’t miss out on any important or exciting changes that could potentially improve your experience with Astrato. 

The Event Chat channel is the perfect way to ensure you never miss an event or webinar. Astrato has a presence in a lot of places and we want to see you there too. 

Come on In!

It’s one small click for you, one giant leap for our Galaxy community ⭐🚀