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Astrato Custom Report: Allowing Business Users to Explore Live Data with Confidence

Today, more and more organizations are recognizing the value of live data – increased accessibility, more relevant and effective insight, and smoother operations – but making the most of its potential can be difficult. From massive, sensitive data sets to complex tools and storage challenges, gaining meaningful insights from your live data is not always an easy feat. 

And that’s exactly why we created Astrato’s newest solution, Custom Report, which unlocks the power of live data – improving your insight, decision making and dashboard performance, without any hassle.

Freely slice-and-dice live data and extract insights, fast

Have you ever spent hours fiddling with a database… trying to collate insights before that big presentation… only to slip up and lose all that hard work? Or worse – break something? Well, with the future-friendly functionality of Astrato Custom Report, those days are over.

Custom Report object enables Business Users to freely slice-and-dice Snowflake data and extract quick insights without the risk of breaking anything or losing vital information. You also don’t need to be a data expert to enjoy the full extent of its capabilities. No coding skills required means less dependency on IT, and more actionable insights across your organization.

From no-fuss exploratory analysis to seamless exports, and extensive interactive functionality, there’s so much at your fingertips with Custom Report. Business User, or seasoned data scientist, get ready to be empowered and:

  • Explore data with a drag and drop interactive experience
  • Do exploratory analysis on any dataset
  • Govern data to be used for a wide range of needs including export, sharing and reporting
  • Export data to Excel spreadsheets for further analysis

Get started with Astrato Custom Report, and change your insights forever

So, are you ready for another new, unique feature from Astrato Analytics? Let’s get started!

Set up Custom Report with ease, today:

  1. On a new worksheet, add the Custom Report data object
  2. You can then allow your users to select from the predefined dimensions and measures in your workbook
  3. Users can drag and drop data dimensions and measures into the explorer directly from the live data warehouse – no coding required 

Custom Report is built to give Business Users as much flexibility as possible. If you aren’t sure what you want when you set out, don’t worry, you can change it later! Dimensions and measures can be sorted and re-ordered after set up, helping you build the perfect visualization to support your analytics. 

Find more information on our dedicated product page, and start digging deeper into your data with Astrato Custom Report.