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Astrato: Highlights from Big Data LDN 2021

Big Data London, the UK’s largest data and analytics event, was finally back on this year! What’s more – it was one of the first live, in-person industry events in what feels like eons!

With 100 exhibitors, 9 theaters, and 180 speakers, this was the place to be on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2021. Headliners stealing the spotlight included Snowflake, Confluence, and Domo to name a few. But the real heroes were each and everyone that attended!

Astrato team at BDL

Here are a few highlights from the event we wanted to share.


Event highlights


Snowflake logo

Snowflake: Why Data Cloud, Why Now

Snowflake, the premier cloud platform, explored how the Data Cloud is transforming the way organizations share and collaborate on data.  With your data in the cloud, businesses can harness the additional performance, flexibility, and scalability to gain more value.


Confluence logo


Confluence: The strategic importance of data in motion

Confluence, the leading platform for team collaboration and knowledge bases, shared their views on this extraordinary time period in our global history. All the rapid changes and innovations are driven by data, bringing the power of real-time data to the fore.


Astrato logo

Astrato: RIP In-memory BI – Play the data where it lives

Astrato’s Alexander Thor also took to the stage to reveal more about the evolution of BI. Data is moving to the cloud and businesses need the enhanced capabilities of cloud BI to succeed.  He also revealed more about the next step in the Vizlib journey – a live query solution for Snowflake’s Data Cloud, blending our best-in-class data visualization and analytics with Snowflake’s cloud agility and performance.

Thanks to all those that attended our Astrato talk and visited our stand!  We love the feedback we received.


Jochem Zwienenberg, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant (SBIC) & Product Manager: Qlik at Victa BV, and Vizlib Legend, shared the following:  “Great product, with great possibilities.  I hope to get my hands on a version with brushing and linking soon!”

“Your new Astrato Analytics looks super slick and fast! Looking forward to getting our hands on it soon!” Mat Oram, CEO and Co-founder, AdviseInc.

“Even more impressive when seeing this amazing solution in action.” Lee Smith, Business Intelligence Consultant,  AdviseInc.


Plus other positive comments that kept us smiling:

“Solves our existing reporting lag times.”

“Fantastically fast time to connect and visualise (either from Snowflake or Google Sheets), which usually takes much longer.”

“Easy to use, no learning curve or stumped users compared to Tableau. ”

So, what’s next for Astrato?

Well, join us for our live event on LinkedIn: Astrato – The BIG Unveiling on September 30th to learn more about our journey to the data stratosphere!

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