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Astrato Insights: An Important Next Step on [Y]our AI journey

Astrato is more than a product company. Baked deep into our DNA we are really an innovation company. We don’t just build products, we give our customers the tools and framework to make innovation easy, accessible, and adoptable. 

With a foundation in BI and world class dashboarding delivered on a low/no-code platform, we knew today’s modern data stack demanded a modern approach to analytics, and so we built Astrato to deliver analytical Data Apps for organizations moving to the cloud. 

Today, the world sits at an inflection point of innovation – and as that innovation curve accelerates at ever-increasing pace, our roadmap must also accelerate at an ever-intensifying speed. 

Recently, the rise in popularity of Chat GPT demonstrated just how quickly adoption of new technology can happen (when the average person can readily understand it, use it, and see its value). 

2023 Predictions 

As we move further into 2023, many industry thought leaders have delivered their predictions for the year. Listening to these ideas and forecasts, what struck me most was the timeline. Industry predictions used to start with “in 3-5- years,” but now predictions are focused on what will happen within the next year!

As an example: Gartner predicts 95% of new business applications will be built on no-code application development platforms – and they predict that will happen in 2023! 

As for me, here are my predictions for this year:

  1. Organizations that want to compete (and win) need to innovate quicker just to stay relevant 
  2. Business user adoption is the destination – complex coding apps built for data scientists become just another silo 
  3. Astrato will infuse augmented analytics and ML, at an ever-increasing pace 

So, what is our approach to consumable and usable AI? 

Astrato’s Accelerated Roadmap 

Just last September, at Big Data LDN, Astrato showcased budgeting and ROI modeling using Snowpark

And just a few months later, in November, ChatGPT was launched. Its parent company – OpenAI – was estimated to be worth US$29 billion and was the fastest product to reach 100,000,000 users (in under 2 months). 

Fast forward to January of this year: we focused our content for the month on AI, and we wrote a number of articles on the topic, including a well-received piece on how AI would change the game for BI developers. You can read that here.

Astrato is quickly integrating AI capabilities directly into our Data Apps. I’m proud to be a Snowflake Data Superhero, and I am really excited to share something completely new: Astrato AI InsightsThe future of analytics is here!

Introducing Astrato AI Insights

Today, we are proud to announce that Astrato is taking a major leap forward in its mission to make innovation easy, accessible, and adoptable. We are expanding our capabilities to provide users with the tools and framework necessary to leverage AI and Machine Learning.

AI is the most powerful and transformative technology available today, and we are committed to helping businesses adopt it by making it accessible and easy to use. We are determined to break down the silos of unused innovation and provide our users with the ability to unlock the potential of AI and Machine Learning.

Astrato enables business users at any level to understand data

Whether you are a seasoned CEO, needing an insight between flights, or a graduate navigating data as part of their new role – Astrato AI Insights offers a clear picture of your data, in just a few clicks. 

Astrato AI Insights brings consistent, accurate, and lightning-fast data exploration and analysis.  The AI automatically reveals patterns, relationships, and even causality, and can deliver AI Insights and feedback on things like: trends, anomaly detection, comparison, segmentation, correlation, regression, clustering, recommendations, and even dashboard design.