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Astrato Monthly Roadmap Update: April

Welcome to the April edition of the Astrato monthly roadmap update!

Our monthly roundup showcases the exciting new and improved capabilities of our solution – so you can continue to build world-class dashboards and Data Apps that drive better decision-making and make an impact, fast. Here, you’ll find recent releases, info about our most exciting new features, and all the latest news straight from our team of product experts 🚀

Here’s what we’re talking about this month…

User Selected Pair Joins, Line Total, and Automatic Join Suggestions! 

Data View Editor

New User-Selected Joins 

We are pleased to share a new Astrato feature, User-Selected Joins, that will help users find the best way to connect a pair of tables in their dataset, quickly and easily. User-Selected pairs will help users to build their data model faster and smarter. The feature can be used when Automatic Join Suggestions are not found for a table.

Astrato Joins

To use the User-Selected Joins feature, the user simply needs to drag and drop one table on top of another. The Astrato smart engine will then return a list of options for joining the tables,  ranked by the quality of the join.

Then, the user can combine their domain knowledge with the Astrato engine input to select the best option available. This makes it easier for the user to link data columns in a logical way, and draw insights from them, quickly. In this way, users can get answers from their data with ease!

Watch the demo, here.

Data View Editor

Improved Automatic Join Suggestions 

We’ve enhanced the algorithm of our Automatic Join Suggestions so it can now find more accurate suggestions for connections between tables, and put them in a logical order. This means that the tables are connected more intuitively, meaning that the user can understand them faster.   

Astrato’s engine can handle complex data joins, enabling users to do more with their data. For example, in Astrato, it’s possible to connect data fields to create a loop – without causing it to break. This is something that most traditional BI tools – like this tool or this tool – can’t do!

Watch the demo, here.

Context Menu

Duplicate tables with ease!

We have also added a feature that enables you to duplicate a table. This is particularly useful when a user wants to use the same dimension table multiple times in a data model. An example of this could be for a geographic dimensions table to enhance both customer and supplier information at once.

Duplicating tables in Astrato 

The ability to duplicate a table in an Astrato data model layer means that there is no need for change in the source data to support multiple use. This means that all users can reuse the source table as many times as they need!

We also added a new feature in Measures: Line Total, which enables users to define a wider range of measures; an example of this would be calculating the share of sales for a specific category.  

Watch the demo, here.

Astrato Actions

New features added 

We have expanded the capabilities of Astrato Actions. Firstly, our new ‘Wait Block’ feature enables you to pause an action’s execution for a set amount of time. This will be helpful for a user that is waiting for their database to perform an operation based on, for example, an Execute SQL block, before they proceed with an action flow.

Astrato Actions Wait Block

We have also added a new Ternary block to Astrato Actions Variables. The Ternary block can be used for inline conditional statements, meaning you can input without duplication using ‘IF’ and ‘IF/ELSE’ statements. This will not only simplify the use of Variables, but will also save users time. 

Ternary block in Astrato Actions Variables

Read the full documentation, here.

And that’s only the start of what we delivered this month! For a complete list of feature releases and product updates from April – including updates to Actions, Insights, and Data Explorer – visit our Release Notes page, here.

Keep an eye out for next month’s roadmap update for all your product news, visit our roadmap page, and connect with other ASTRATOnauts in Astrato’s online community, Astrato Galaxy, in the meantime!