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👋🏽 Welcome to our February Astrato Newsletter

We’re excited to share the latest updates, news and events from the team at Astrato! We’d love to hear from you. Share your feedback to help us shape the future of Cloud BI 🚀

Upcoming Releases |

Astrato Insights 

Astrato Insights is coming soon! This ground-breaking new feature will transform your data analysis in just ONE click. Say goodbye to manual data analysis and hello to consistent, accurate, and lightning-fast insights. This game-changing feature will enable in-depth analysis of any visualization, uncovering patterns and relationships with ease! Stay tuned to be the first to hear when Astrato Insight is launched!


New Feature |

Predefined Period Filters

With Astrato’s predefined period filters you can quickly and easily set a dynamic range of dates to filter your results.

All you have to do is add a date field in the Filter tab, then select “Date range.” Once selected, predefined date ranges are available in the properties panel. The options include the most commonly used periods, and are listed by the most frequently used. The example below shows how you can use predefined periods in filters for measures, in our Data View Editor.

Custom Measures Astrato

Product Update |

Table conditional coloring

With Astrato’s customization capabilities, you can communicate complex information in a compelling way and maximize visual impact. Conditional formatting in Astrato allows you to draw attention to, or highlight, data in text or numeric fields using color, icons or data bars.

In the example below, a progress bar (based on a fixed amount) makes comparing availability easier. And the color-linked conditional formatting highlights price ranges.

Table conditional coloring from Astrato

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Product Update |

New in-chart selecting capabilities

This month, we’re excited to have added a range of new selection capabilities to Astrato charts, including the ability to select sequences across an axis, and brushing and point selection for scatter charts.

The new in-chart selection capabilities include dimensional range selection and scatter chart brushing and point selection.

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Top Blog Post |

Custom Report: Allowing Business Users to explore live data with confidence

We created Astrato’s new solution, Custom Report, to unlock the power of live data – improving your insight, decision making and dashboard performance, without any hassle! Read more about our how to get started with our latest tool in our recent blog post. 

Astrato Custom Report

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Latest Event |
Astrato 360

Enjoy a tour of the latest products from the experts that built them, including Astrato CEO Martin Mahler, Senior Product Managers Piers Batchelor and Liron Baram, and  Community Manager Jason Radford.

Tune in on-demand to hear about our upcoming community events, as well as the latest news on our product roadmap.

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Dashboard Spotlight |
Check out this interactive dashboard – built in Astrato

Do Elon Musk’s tweets impact Tesla stock prices? Astrato Data Visualization Developer Stephanie French built this amazing interactive dashboard to see if there’s a correlation between the controversies of Elon Musk and the stock price of Tesla, his publicly-traded company. You can use the dashboard here!

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Community Tools |
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