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Astrato Roadmap Update: June 2023

Welcome to the June edition of the Astrato monthly roadmap update!

Our monthly roundup showcases the exciting new and improved capabilities of our solution – so you can continue to build world-class dashboards and Data Apps that drive better decision-making and make an impact, fast. 

Here, you’ll find recent releases, info about our most exciting new features, and all the latest news straight from our team of product experts 🚀

Here’s what we’re talking about this month…

Astrato Insights, Redshift Integration, and Show all values!

Redshift Connection

Analyze Your Redshift Data with Astrato 

Astrato has added a new data connection: Amazon Redshift, the Cloud data-warehouse branch of Amazon Web Services. This means that users can now analyze and visualize their Redshift-housed data through Astrato’s intuitive, no-code platform. 

Redshift is part of Amazon Web Services, a Cloud-computing platform, and uses the programming language SQL to analyze structured and semi-structured data. 

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Astrato Insights

AI-Generated Data Analysis

AI Insights is a brand-new feature from Astrato that produces AI-generated data analysis and visualization. Business users can reveal trends, detect anomalies, generate forecasts, conduct causality analysis, and offer recommendations – in just a few clicks! These insights can then be shared directly from Astrato, either via email or Slack. 

The addition of Astrato Insights makes data analysis and visualization even more accessible. Business users no longer have to rely on a dedicated analytics team to produce business intelligence, they can use their specific knowledge to interrogate the data, inevitably producing superior insights. 

Astrato Insights works using the ChatGPT API, which allows Astrato to interact with the platform. 

Find out more, here

Show All Values

See Every Field of Your Data Set

Previously, when a user created a chart or table that combined fields from more than one table, fields without data were omitted from the new table. This presents a challenge for users, who often need to see an overview of all of their fields, including those that are missing data. 

To solve this, the Astrato team has added an optional enhancement to the query, so a list of views is derived from the fields used as dimensions, regardless of whether data has been entered. This is valuable because users can analyze and gather information from all the relevant data, with ease. 

Show all values - Astrato

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Totals Row

Add Total Row to Tables in the Workbook 

We are happy to introduce a new section in the Data tab that allows users to see the total of the measures recorded in the table. This is valuable because it provides important context to the more granular fields recorded in the table. 

The Total Row tool also makes it clearer how each part of the dataset is contributing to the whole – enabling easier analysis. Users can also choose whether to display the total at the top or bottom of their table as their needs require. And, to ensure the style is consistent across the table, the formatting is copied from the rest of the column.


Find out more, here

Data Tips

Advice on How to Best Visualize your Data

Editing chart dimensions can be tricky, and sometimes users can experience errors in the event of unexpected null results. However, to make Astrato as intuitive and easy to use as possible, we have enhanced our Data Tips feature. 

The Data Tip will present a high-level description of why the change made to the table resulted in an error, so that the user is best equipped to overcome it independently. The user can also click the Data Tip for further suggestions on how to resolve the issue.  

This update will make it easier for users to navigate the Astrato platform seamlessly and without relying on support of others. 

Data Tips in Astrato

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Theme Creator

Set a Theme for Building your Dashboard 

Dashboard creators can now set a theme in the workbook with default values filling in the blanks where the data will go. This provides a useful guide for building the dashboard but that can also be customized where applicable. The themes cover aesthetic choices like color and font selection, as well as more structural factors like object settings.

Users can select a predetermined color palette or select the colors of the brand they are building the dashboard for. The interface is designed so users can navigate between the main settings without having to scroll, opening up options from the left side menu.

Theme creator - Astrato

Find out more, here

And that’s only the start of what we delivered this month! For a complete list of feature releases and product updates from June  – including updates Astrato Insights, Redshift Integration, and Show all Values – visit our Release Notes page, here.

Keep an eye out for next month’s roadmap update for all your product news, visit our roadmap page, and connect with other ASTRATOnauts in Astrato’s online community, Astrato Galaxy, in the meantime.