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Astrato Roadmap Update: May 2023

Welcome to the May edition of the Astrato monthly roadmap update!

Our monthly roundup showcases the exciting new and improved capabilities of our solution – so you can continue to build world-class dashboards and Data Apps that drive better decision-making and make an impact, fast. Here, you’ll find recent releases, info about our most exciting new features, and all the latest news straight from our team of product experts 🚀

Here’s what we’re talking about this month…

Synonyms, Date Picker, and Button Improvements!


Duplicate a View  

With joins, users can combine data based on a common data point. Our new feature, Astrato Synonym, allows users to duplicate a table view, and join in multiple ways. As a result, you can present data from one table in more than one way to draw more insights from one dataset. 

Imagine that you initially load into the DVE the tables “Sales”, “Clients”, “Products”, and “Suppliers”. With these four tables, everything is easy because there is only one way to join them together, as shown in the image. But when you add “Countries” to the mix, things are more challenging, because there are two possible ways to make a join – so how will the user know which to choose?

This is where Astrato Synonym comes in. With the option to “Duplicate table,” Astrato builds a Synonym. The user gives the Synonym a name that makes it clear and distinguishable for business users. Now the same table exists twice in the Astrato semantic layer, with two different business meanings. This enables the user to draw more insights from their data tables, with ease.

Astrato Synonym

Find out more, here

Date Picker 

New Filter 

Filtering narrows the data available in a workbook to support focused analysis and to help answer specific business questions. In Astrato, it’s  possible to use Global, Chart, and Measure Filters in order to find the data you need, in the easiest way possible.  

The Astrato filter bar is enabled automatically on new workbooks. And now, we’ve made a valuable addition to the Filter bar: Date Picker is now a default option for filtering date fields in your Astrato workbooks. This object can also be added to a sheet as an object. To add the date picker, in the workbook editor, add a filter, date picker is now available as a new filter type alongside the filter list and the slider. This makes it easier to find and analyse time-related data as needed!

Date Picker | Astrato

Find out more, here. 


New Styling Capabilities 

We have made some awesome updates to our Button control, as a result of customer feedback. Firstly, you can now choose from a wide variety of icons and customize the color for both default and hover states. We have also introduced more styling options, so you can customize the look of the button, both in the default state and when the cursor hovers over it. 

Additionally, we have enabled a drop shadow effect on buttons. And, all colors are now fully customizable – so you can stay true to your branding.   

We’re always working to improve our platform based on user feedback, so stay tuned for more updates from the Astrato product team!



Find out more, here.

Custom Report 

New Updates Released 

The new functionality in our popular Custom Report solution will make your data reporting more seamless (and cost effective!) than ever before. You can now add dimensions and measures in the Custom Report with just one click! And, you can defer layout updates to reduce query costs, improve performance, and enhance user experience. Plus, you can use Tooltip to reveal long dimension and measure names.

And that’s only the start of what we delivered this month! For a complete list of feature releases and product updates from May, visit our Release Notes page, here.

Keep an eye out for next month’s roadmap update for all your product news, visit our roadmap page, and connect with other ASTRATOnauts in Astrato’s online community, Astrato Galaxy, in the meantime.