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Astrato: Try the DataDNA Challenge

Cyclists have the Tour de France. Tennis players have Wimbledon. Data analysts have the Onyx Data DataDNA Challenge. The deadline to submit an entry for this month’s epic competition closes on September 22nd; here’s everything you need to know before then. 

What is the DataDNA Challenge

The DataDNA Challenge is a data analysis and visualization competition. Onyx Data provides a dataset and judges submissions based on visual design, analytical skill, data storytelling, and innovation. The winner receives $300 worth of Amazon vouchers, ZoomCharts, and access to Astrato and novyPro

Unveiling Astrato and the DataDNA Challenge

Astrato delivers innovative Business Intelligence (BI) technology via an intuitive, accessible interface and is one of the sponsors of the DataDNA Challenge for this month. As data becomes the heartbeat of modern enterprises, leveraging it efficiently becomes a differentiating factor. The DataDNA Challenge is not just a competition; it’s an invitation to explore new ways of communicating data.

Using Astrato for the DataDNA Challenge

Stephanie French, a data visualization developer and past winner of the challenge, has used Astrato for previous submissions. Here are a few of her past entries and her experience using Astrato for the DataDNA Challenge:

“As I consistently engaged with the DataDNA challenges, my portfolio became a testament to my evolving skills. It wasn’t just about refining my abilities, but also about connecting with a vibrant community of data professionals on LinkedIn. My efforts caught the eye of the DataDNA organizers, leading to an ambassador role. Soon after, Astrato recognized my potential and extended a job offer.

Upon joining Astrato, my approach to data challenges transformed. No longer limited to Excel, I had the entire Astrato platform to play with. It was more than just a tool—it provided a canvas where data analytics met creative design, allowing me to create truly unique visual narratives.”

A dashboard examining salaries in data science

A sales report dashboard

A dashboard resume of Stephanie French, a previous winner of the DataDNA challenge who designed the previous dashboards

Participating in the DataDNA Challenge

Getting involved in the DataDNA Challenge is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Download the DataDNA dataset

The dataset can be found here. More details on participating and the challenge itself can be found here, but this section gives you all the important points.

Design your project

The fun part: analyze, visualize, customize. Keep the judging criteria in mind:

Visual design – How well did you visualize the data?

Analytical Skills – How you define key indicators, find insights, and define calculations and metrics.

Narration – Use data storytelling to communicate the key insights from the data. What are the trends? Are there anomalies? What are the essential things your audience wants to know about the data?

Tech innovations – How you use interactive tools, advanced features, any innovative concepts.

Submit your project

Try Astrato for Free

Curious about Astrato beyond the challenge? Good news: you can try Astrato for free! Visit the Astrato website and explore the possibilities. Uncover the potential of data analytics that Astrato can unlock for your organization.


The DataDNA Challenge isn’t just about exploring data; it’s about ensuring data isn’t a puzzle but a solution. Astrato guides you through this journey. Prizes aside, the challenge is an opportunity to develop your analytics and visualization skills, expand your network, and get peer feedback on how you communicate data. 


Start a free trial of Astrato here and find more information on the Onyx DataDNA challenge here!