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An Integrated Data Solution: Astrato’s Partnerships

As challengers to the traditional Business Intelligence model, we at Astrato believe that an organization must stand out from the crowd to achieve success and make an impact. As such, we appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for every organization as each business is unique in its own right. 

Unlike other competitors in the BI space, our technology delivers a comprehensive, cloud-native analytics platform that enables you to play your data where it lives. Also, Astrato doesn’t lock your visualizations into any proprietary vendor, which gives you the freedom to grow or evolve in line with your business needs. 

At Astrato, we fully support some of the largest data clouds and data warehouses. In this article, we’ll cover how our partnerships and integrations work with some of the biggest names in data to bring you modern analytics.


Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse that uses a multi-cluster shared data architecture to unite your data silos. Much like Astrato, Snowflake is designed to be scalable, secure and easy to use. 

As a trusted Snowflake Technology Partner, Astrato has complete integration with Snowflake. With Astrato, you can connect to your Snowflake database in just a few short steps. When you connect to Snowflake you’ll be able to add various functions to your data objects and reports. 

Astrato’s partnership with Snowflake also allows you to take advantage of Snowpark, the powerful feature from Snowflake that combines the use of SQL and Python, Java, or Scala to create more complex data analysis. By utilizing Snowpark, you’ll be able to conduct forecasting, clustering, and even machine learning.

Interested in seeing more? Be sure to check out our video overview below to learn more about the benefits of this partnership.


Google BigQuery 

Google BigQuery is a serverless and fully managed, enterprise-level data warehouse that offers a unique, pricing structure that allows you to only pay for as much data as you use. With Google BigQuery, all customers get 10 GB storage and up to 1 TB of queries free per month. In addition, the platform is also capable of handling petabytes worth of data, making it a must-have solution for even the most demanding, data-hungry customers.

Google BigQuery integration is fully realized on Astrato with users being able to access and visualize their data directly from its source. As a result, BigQuery users are able to easily create quality real-time data insights with security and peace of mind. 

Google Big Query


In addition to supporting Snowflake and Google BigQuery, Astrato also provides support for PostgreSQL. Also known as Postgres, Astrato offers full integration with the free, open-source relational database management system. 

Due to its ease of use, longevity and the open-source (free-to-use) nature of the PostgreSQL platform, the service is immensely popular with startups and businesses with their own in-house developers. As such, Astrato’s partnership with PostgreSQL makes it easier than ever before for businesses of all sizes to create enterprise-quality data visualizations on our analytics platform. 

Be sure to check out our Astrato Live! April 2022 – PostgreSQL video below to learn more about creating insights with a PostgreSQL data source.

Dremio Cloud

Dremio Cloud is a fully-managed data lakehouse platform that enables analysts to explore and visualize their data with sub-second query response times. 

As Dremio is an open-source, self-service data access tool, it supports all major third-party data sources, which makes it the perfect application to partner with Astrato. We have a close and unique partnership with Dremio that has resulted in Astrato co-hosting several events and webinars.

The Dremio Cloud platform can help an organization to become more data-driven through self-service analytics and also provides businesses with a more cost-efficient solution than an expensive data warehouse. 

Dremio is the chosen platform of organizations worldwide as it enables users to enjoy a combination of self-service SQL analytics, data warehouse performance and functionality, and data lake flexibility. Partnering with Astrato, we are able to deliver best-in-class data visualization and analytics, enabling your business to unlock innovative opportunities and accelerate agility. 

Astrato is an invaluable tool for any organization’s journey to the Cloud. In addition, Astrato also gives Dremio Cloud users unprecedented access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Together, Astrato and Dremio enable users to power analytics and Business Intelligence directly on their data lakes. Using Astrato, Dremio Cloud users can unlock real-time insights across their organization while enjoying a creator-centric layer for impactful data visualization and storytelling. Our ground-breaking partnership enables users of all sizes to enjoy the improved performance, and functionality of a data warehouse, with the cost efficiency of a data lake. 


Benefits of the Astrato and Dremio Partnership 

Faster Time to Insights 

By connecting Astrato to Dremio, organizations can quickly analyze and visualize their data without spending time on data preparation. Astrato enables you to live-query data directly from your data source, saving you considerable time on data movement. Dremio provides a unified view of data, which eliminates the need for manual data integration and enables faster time to insights. As a result, our partnership with Dremio Cloud enables your business to make data-focused decisions with greater efficiency, so you can stay ahead of the competition. 

Improved Data Accuracy

When connecting Astrato to Dremio, organizations can ensure that the data being analyzed is accurate and up-to-date. Dremio’s data lakehouse architecture ensures that all data is stored consistently and reliably, enabling Astrato to provide more accurate insights. As highlighted above, because you can live-query data directly from the source with Astrato, you can improve your data governance as the risks associated with data movement are mitigated. 

Enhanced Collaboration 

The Astrato & Dremio Cloud partnership also enables better collaboration between teams as our platform provides a simple and intuitive interface for data analysis and visualization, which can be easily shared across teams of various data literacy levels. As a result, this reduces data silos and enables different teams to collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions. 

A Scalable Solution

Connecting Astrato to Dremio enables organizations to scale their data management and analytics capabilities as required. Both tools are Cloud native and can be easily scaled up or down as required, which enables organizations to keep up with changing business requirements.

Google Sheets 

At Astrato, we also support Google Sheets, which is perfect for smaller businesses or those new to data analysis. For customers who use this option, all you need to do is log in to your Google account, and you’ll then be able to browse through all of your sheets that are stored on your Google Drive. 

Once you have found the sheet you’re looking for, you can import it into Astrato with a single click and begin building your workbook and data visualizations. It’s really that simple!

Connecting your workspace to Astrato

Now that you’re familiar with some of our key partnerships, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how you can connect to a data source in Astrato. 

To begin, simply click on the Data tab on your sidebar to create a new data source. Once done, all you need to do is select your chosen data connection. Please see the links below for more information on connecting to a specific data source.

Alternatively, if you consider yourself more of a visual learner, take a look at our video tutorial below:

As we have showcased, Astrato is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that is fully integrated to work with all of the major players in data management. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you get more from your data with our next-generation, Cloud-native analytics platform. 

Get Started with Confidence today with Astrato.