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Cloud Data Analytics Solution Astrato Becomes ISO 27001 Compliant

LONDON 1st November 2022. Astrato, a ground-breaking Cloud data analytics solution for businesses having deployed Snowflake and BigQuery, announces it is compliant with the internationally recognised ISO 27001 accreditation.

Astrato reimagines Business Intelligence for organizations storing their data in the Cloud but looking for more powerful analytics across their teams. The Astrato solution offers frictionless deployment, rich tools to customize how data is analysed and is more cost-effective than other platforms in the market: allowing firms to know faster, act sooner and build their future.

ISO 27001 framework applies to organisations that wish or are required to formalize business processes around information security, privacy and securing information assets. It is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of a robust ISMS (Information Security Management System). 

Martin Mahler, Founder and CEO commented:

Cloud data is quickly gaining momentum across enterprise, public sector and government bodies throughout the world. ISO 27001 certification has become a minimum standard for doing business with them.

As we build our product and processes to be secure from the ground-up, teams across our business have worked hard to meet the ISO 27001 standard and we are proud of this notable achievement, one that few businesses achieve.



About Astrato

Astrato is reimagining the way Business Intelligence is delivered in a Cloud-first data environment. With frictionless connection into Data Clouds such as Snowflake and BigQuery, Astrato sets a new threshold for dependable business analytics in modern data teams. Easy to deploy, with a rich functionality at a lower cost, Astrato is disrupting the BI market to deliver a more cost effective alternative for businesses across the world for them to know faster, act sooner and build the future. 

See more about Astrato at https://astrato.io/