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Data Quality Monitoring | Snowflake Cloud + Astrato Analytics

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Snowflake Data Quality Monitoring

In the world of data management, ensuring the quality and integrity of data is of paramount importance. Snowflake’s Data Quality Monitoring feature provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and reporting on the quality of data. Let’s delve into the key aspects of Snowflake Data Quality Monitoring and its significance.

  • Data Quality Monitoring Features: Snowflake’s Data Quality Monitoring offers built-in metrics such as null counts, time since the object was last updated, and count of rows inserted into an object. Additionally, customers can create custom metrics to monitor the quality of data.
  • Enterprise Edition Requirement: Data Quality and data metric functions (DMFs) are available to all accounts that are Enterprise Edition or higher.
  • Data Metric Functions (DMFs): Data Quality utilizes data metric functions (DMFs) to monitor the state and integrity of data. These functions include Snowflake-provided system DMFs and user-defined DMFs, which can measure key metrics such as data freshness, counts of duplicates, NULLs, rows, and unique values.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Once assigned to a table or view, Snowflake records the results of calling the DMF in the event table for the account. Users can define the frequency at which the DMF is automatically measured and configure alerts to receive email notifications when quality thresholds are violated.
  • Billing and Pricing: Snowflake manages the virtual warehouse objects to support the Data Quality Monitoring feature. The credits used for this feature are listed in the “Data Quality Monitoring” category on the monthly bill. Billing occurs only when a scheduled data metric function is computed on an object.

Seamless Integration with Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Astrato’s seamless integration with Snowflake’s Data Cloud significantly amplifies the benefits of Data Quality Monitoring, offering organizations a powerful combination of capabilities to support their data analytics processes.

Leveraging Strengths of Both Platforms:

  • Secure and Scalable Environment: By integrating with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Astrato ensures that data analytics processes are supported by a secure, scalable, and high-performance environment. This integration allows organizations to leverage Snowflake’s speed, concurrency, and extensibility to develop and run data applications, models, and pipelines where data resides, ensuring a seamless and efficient data analytics workflow.
  • Data Sharing and Collaboration: Snowflake’s architecture enables seamless data sharing and collaboration across different organizations, providing a centralized platform for discovering and accessing data assets. Astrato’s integration with Snowflake’s Data Cloud allows organizations to benefit from this data sharing functionality, ensuring that governed and secure data can be shared in real time, promoting collaborative insights and informed decision-making.
  • Optimized Query Processing: Snowflake’s architecture enables high-performance analytics through the separation of compute and storage, accelerating query processing and supporting concurrent workloads. Astrato’s integration with Snowflake leverages these features, ensuring fast and efficient data analysis, even when dealing with large datasets.

Snowflake’s Data Quality Monitoring, coupled with Astrato’s seamless integration with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, not only elevates the standards of data quality management but also empowers organizations to derive valuable, accurate, and reliable insights from their data. This amalgamation of capabilities sets the stage for a new era of data-driven decision-making, enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of modern data analytics with confidence and efficiency.

About Snowflake

Founded in 2012 by Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cruanes, and Marcin Zukowski, Snowflake has quickly risen to prominence as a leading cloud-based data platform. Its impressive growth and expansion across various industries underscore its commitment to innovation and excellence, driving widespread adoption across diverse sectors.

Snowflake, a cloud-native data warehouse, offers unparalleled scalability and performance. Its innovative architecture separates compute and storage, allowing organizations to independently scale resources and pay only for what they use. This unique approach ensures that queries run concurrently without interference, delivering lightning-fast analytics capabilities. Additionally, Snowflake’s comprehensive security model protects sensitive data, enabling organizations to derive insights without compromising on data protection.

About Astrato Analytics

Astrato is a cutting-edge business intelligence solution that enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their data. It seamlessly integrates with various data platforms, including cloud data warehouses, data lakes, and on-premises databases, providing a unified view of the data landscape. Astrato’s intuitive user interface and powerful analytics capabilities empower users to explore data, build interactive dashboards, and derive actionable insights with ease.

Our vision is to be everyone’s favorite data analytics and visualization solution for data in the cloud. Our mission is to drive data culture and move data to the heart of every business conversation.

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