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Dremio x Astrato Partnership: What You Need to Know

As more and more organizations move their data to the Cloud, the need for effective data management and analytics tools is becoming increasingly clear. Data lakehouses, such as Dremio, and Cloud native BI tools like Astrato, can provide significant value to organizations looking to extract insights from their data. 

But when the power of these tools are combined, the value they provide to organizations is amplified. It is for this reason that Astrato and Dremio recently announced their ground-breaking partnership. In this article, we outline the value of this for our users, and explain how you and your team can start benefiting from it. 

Who are Dremio and Astrato? 

Dremio is an open source self-service data access tool, and supports all major third-party data sources. The Dremio tool helps organizations to become more data-driven through self-service analytics, and more cost efficient by offloading use cases from expensive data warehouses to its open data lakehouse. 

Dremio is the chosen solution of organizations around the world because users enjoy a combination of self-service SQL analytics, data warehouse performance and functionality, as well as datalake flexibility.

Meanwhile, Astrato is the next-generation live-query data visualization and analytics solution. Astrato gives users unprecedented access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Astrato is a creator-centric, low-code solution with best-in-class data visualization and analytics, enabling your business to unlock innovative opportunities and accelerate agility. This makes Astrato an invaluable tool for any organization on a journey to the Cloud.  

Together, Astrato and Dremio enable users to power analytics and business intelligence directly on their datalakes. The partnership enables improved performance, functionality, and cost efficiency of a datalake. 

Astrato x Dremio partnership - what you need to know

Benefits of the Astrato and Dremio Partnership

Let’s explore more about how Astrato and Dremio’s partnership will add real value to organizations. 

Faster Time to Insight 

Connecting Astrato to Dremio enables organizations to quickly analyze and visualize their data, without having to spend time on data preparation and transformation. Astrato enables you to live-query data where it lives, saving users considerable time on data movement. Dremio provides a unified view of data, which eliminates the need for manual data integration and enables faster time to insights. This enables your business to make data-focused decisions more efficiently, so you can stay ahead of the competition. 

Improved Data Accuracy

By connecting Astrato to Dremio, organizations can ensure that the data being analyzed is accurate and up-to-date. Dremio’s data lakehouse architecture ensures that all data is stored in a consistent and reliable way, which enables Astrato to provide more accurate insights. And because you can live-query data where it lives with Astrato, the risks associated with data movement are mitigated. As a result, you can apply insights from your data more confidently. 

Better Collaboration 

Connecting Astrato to Dremio also enables better collaboration between teams. Astrato provides a simple and intuitive interface for data analysis and visualization, which can be easily shared across teams. This enables different teams to collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions. This also reduces data silos, and encourages one source of truth for data analysis. 

Scalable Solutions 

Connecting Astrato to Dremio enables organizations to scale their data management and analytics capabilities as needed. Both tools are Cloud native and can be easily scaled up or down as required, which enables organizations to keep up with changing business requirements.

Connect Astrato to Dremio Today

In summary, the combination of Dremio’s access to a Cloud lakehouse with a Cloud native BI tool like Astrato will add significant value to organizations that want to extract insights from their data. 

Connecting Dremio and Astrato will enable faster time to insights, more accurate data, better collaboration, and scalability. In short, this integration can help organizations make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Find out how to connect Dremio with Astrato here.