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Embedded Analytics: What it is, and why it matters

In order to understand embedded analytics and why it matters for the way we work, it’s helpful to start with an understanding of what it means to work without it.

Said simply, working without embedded analytics means doing less, while working more.

Market researchers estimate that an individual employee can spend one-to-two hours each week toggling between their workflow applications and BI tools. With traditional BI, this back-and-forth is necessary as data insights aren’t integrated into everyday applications. With modern embedded analytics, however, users can view and evaluate advanced data and analytics within their enterprise application – no toggling required. The data itself is managed by an analytics platform, while any reports or visualizations generated by the embedded analytics are housed within the workflow application for easy viewing and manipulating. It’s a seamless integration that saves time, reduces cognitive tax, and improves efficiency. As a result, it helps to promote user engagement and product popularity.

Within the healthcare industry, embedding an Astrato workbook into a public website has enabled patients to see wait times across care facilities. This has enhanced transparency and enabled consumers of medical services to hold their healthcare providers to higher standards of accountability. Plus, the solution is reducing the stress associated with seeking care or waiting to be seen by a medical professional. For the providers, this enhanced capability reinforces their commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology that improves the patient experience.

Ultimately, embedded analytics goes straight to the heart of how modern Business Intelligence should function – as a tool for empowerment. And equally important, as a conduit for meaningful insight that shortens the distance between information and action, where the bare consumption of data is no longer enough. To remain relevant, a product must bring its data to life. In the same way that we would tell a story or explain a concept – by providing context – we should assign meaning to our data to ensure that it’s as useful and relevant as possible for the users that rely on it.

Embedded Analytics: A sword, and a shield

By definition, embedded analytics is “the integration of analytical capabilities and data visualizations into another software application.” But, based on the real-world benefits and importance of embedded analytics, a more meaningful description might be: “technology that empowers users to make sense of their business intelligence, as it’s being gathered.”

When we arm end users with powerful and reliable insight, we enable them to make better, more informed decisions, which can easily improve functionality and output across key business areas. For example, renewed access to a once-unavailable resource (a resource that was spending one-to-two hours per week toggling between workflow apps and BI tools) can result in increased productivity relating to core job functions, accelerated innovation, and increased competitive advantage.

Embedded analytics is both a sword, and a shield! Organizations, such as software OEMs and SaaS companies, should leverage it to elevate understanding, empower users, advance timelines, and accelerate processes. And as a shield, embedded analytics solutions help protect valuable resources, and provide a competitive advantage that offers additional security in fast-paced industries and sectors. By offering such an advantage, organizations benefit from enhanced customer loyalty and partners who derive precious value and benefits from their products.


Astrato Embeds: A straightforward solution that delivers incredible results

Astrato makes it easy for forward-thinking organizations and individuals to take advantage of powerful embedded analytics and move forward swiftly and confidently. Astrato’s cloud-native product leverages the flexibility and performance of Snowflake’s cutting-edge data cloud in a no-code solution. The modern BI and Analytics platform offers unrivaled freedom and approachability while producing sophisticated, modern visualizations and reports.

Ultimately, working with embedded analytics matters. Why? Because of what it would mean to continue working without it. Without this valuable capability, your business could be creating a barrier to the invaluable information and insight that customers and partners expect. Information that we all need to make the best possible decisions, at the best possible time.

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