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How the Cloud Meets the Needs of the Healthcare Sector

Cloud computing has arguably been one of the biggest advancements in computer technology since the creation of the internet. Cloud technology has made content streaming services and file storage solutions possible, which in turn has made the likes of Spotify, Twitch and Netflix become multi-billion-dollar-valued household names.

Beyond new business ideas, the Cloud has also allowed businesses in virtually every sector to rapidly scale their organization (and ambitions) as their business grows. As such, companies have been able to deliver innovation and become far more agile in how they operate due to the numerous benefits of Cloud computing.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of the Cloud for the healthcare sector. In addition, we will also highlight how data visualization tools such as Astrato can be used to conduct vitally important data analysis.

What are the benefits of the Cloud for healthcare organizations? 

Using cloud-native data and analytics solutions benefits everyone connected to the healthcare sector. Whether you’re a patient or a member of staff working in a healthcare organization, having healthcare data stored in the Cloud has multiple benefits.

Greater accessibility & collaboration

One of the main benefits of Cloud technology for the healthcare sector is that it allows for easier collaboration between staff and makes it simpler for healthcare providers to access patient data (with permission). 

While an electronic health record is not a particularly new concept (the electronic medical record was first developed back in 1972, afterall!), the uptake of healthcare providers using electronic health records in the United States was slow until 2009. By this time, advancements in Cloud infrastructure meant that a patient’s medical record was no longer confined to one hospital but instead stored on a private Cloud service that could be accessed by healthcare professionals nationwide as required. 

By using a Cloud solution, healthcare professionals can easily view or transfer a patient’s medical record between different facilities. As such, the Cloud ensures that patient data is always accessible to healthcare professionals, even when a patient might be a first-time visitor to a particular healthcare provider. 

Due to the “accessible anywhere” nature of Cloud infrastructure, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are able to see what medication, condition or treatment a patient has at any given time. These benefits can thoroughly improve patient care and are often vital if the patient is in a critical condition or unable to speak.

No data silos 

As mentioned above, the Cloud infrastructure means that data is not siloed within a singular healthcare provider or department. 

With the power of the Cloud, every healthcare professional (that has clearance) can access a patient’s medical record as and when needed. Besides improving patient care, the removal of data silos also makes data analytics possible.

Improved security 

According to research, global cyberattacks increased by 38% in 2022, which makes data security an even more important topic for 2023. Moving to the Cloud can potentially enhance the security of any healthcare provider’s data, as virtually every Cloud provider employs a wide range of security measures to ensure any data is safe. 

In addition to the added security features, Cloud-based solutions also have more extensive recovery methods. As such, this means that even if patient data is accidentally removed/altered, it is easier to recover.

Of course, not every platform is equal, so it’s important to choose the right one. For example, as a leading healthcare data analytics solution, we’re ISO 27001 and HIPAA compliant. Designed with healthcare organizations in mind, this means we never move, store, or copy your data, guaranteeing that it remains secure within the CDW. 


Local or “on-disk” storage can be expensive when dealing with vast amounts of data. Admittedly, while each individual record might not be that large, a healthcare provider could potentially deal with thousands of patients, which of course, would result in a larger data footprint. As such, the Cloud enables independent healthcare providers to expand their data storage capabilities at little cost. 

How can Astrato benefit healthcare organizations? 

As a Cloud-native data analytics and Business Intelligence platform, we at Astrato understand the importance and power of real-time data. 

In the healthcare industry, real-time data is vital for getting a better picture of the bottlenecks that exist within a healthcare organization. Our platform supports real-time data analysis, allowing decision-makers to make confident, data-driven and logical decisions based on circumstances that are currently unfolding. 

Astrato provides safer data analysis for the healthcare industry. By using Astrato, healthcare institutions can service all data analysis requirements without having to transfer any sensitive data. This feature of our platform makes Astrato the perfect partner for analyzing healthcare data.

Get started with Astrato 


At Astrato, we are dedicated to ensuring that our Cloud technology puts data-driven insight at the heart of clinical decision-making and patient care. By using Astrato, healthcare innovators can create specialized apps and interactive dashboards that give patients and healthcare professionals the right insight at the right time.

Astrato’s platform allows decision-makers to use the results of our Business Intelligence to communicate with patients, regulators and suppliers with up-to-date and reliable insights. As such, Astrato can help a healthcare institution to improve operational efficiency and outline areas where costs can be saved.

Discover how Astrato can help your healthcare business grow and deliver real-time, data-driven Business Intelligence that you can trust. Click here to learn more.