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How to Use Embedded Analytics in Healthcare Settings

Embedded analytics, per Gartner, is “a digital workplace capability where data analysis occurs within a user’s natural workflow.” This means you don’t need to export data into other software for follow-up analysis – as is often the case when analytics aren’t embedded.

Embedded analytics give you to-the-second updates about key processes within your business, all contained within applications and software you already use. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you and your organization can achieve more.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the use cases and benefits of embedded analytics for healthcare settings specifically, and examining how you can start taking advantage of them in your organization. Read on to discover the power of cutting-edge data visualization tools from Astato and access new heights of clinical intelligence.

Use cases for embedded analytics in healthcare settings 

By combining different data sources, you can create dashboards that offer new insight into how your organization is performing. Just some of the potential applications include measuring things like:

  • Resource usage over time, for example, the number of beds available or inventory of critical medicines. 
  • The number of new appointments. 
  • Gross profit per appointment.
  • Staff to patient ratio.
  • Patient wait times and time to discharge.

In truth, your possibilities with an embedded analytics solution are endless. The only things you need are Cloud-native analytics software and the data to match. For example, with the right information, you can track KPIs like patient satisfaction levels, forecast resource demand, or how patient follow-up rates change with different treatment methods. 

So, even if you haven’t seen a relevant example of your data visualization needs above, you can still take advantage of embedded clinical intelligence tools. You may already have the data at your disposal somewhere within your organization, meaning you can derive insight from it simply by adopting an embedded analytics solution.

The benefit of embedded analytics for healthcare

For healthcare providers

Embedded healthcare analytics stand to transform how hospitals, primary care providers, insurers, and other healthcare organizations operate. With more meaningful insights available into their performance, healthcare organizations can streamline their operations and find ways to reduce costs.

What’s more, by improving visibility into critical processes, healthcare providers can enhance their communication and help teams collaborate more efficiently. Leading healthcare organizations can even equip clinicians with meaningful insight into their medical practice and experiment with new ways to improve patient outcomes. 

As a result, healthcare providers can reimagine their operating model and eliminate inefficiencies using a data-driven strategy. Long-term, this means healthcare providers can operate with more clarity by using predictive analytics to maintain their patient care levels.

For patients 

Patients can also benefit from embedded healthcare analytics. For example, the new efficiencies mean patients can enjoy shorter waiting times and access the care they need sooner. In turn, this can increase their satisfaction levels and help healthcare providers build stronger relationships with their customers.

If this wasn’t enough, data-driven clinical practices mean patients could be healthier and able to pay less for their treatment due to the new operational efficiencies.  

How to embed analytics in your healthcare organization

If you’re keen to start taking advantage of embedded analytics, you’ll need to know where to start. The three most important parts of any successful digital transformation are the people, platform, and partner involved. 

The right team can ensure your software implementation goes smoothly by identifying where it might go wrong. Specifically, which stakeholders may have trouble adopting your digital tool of choice. This means you can create workarounds to minimize disruption and achieve your strategic vision on time.

Unsurprisingly, platform and partner have lots of overlap. You’re likely already familiar with analytics platforms like Qlik Sense, SAP, Power BI, Tableau, and Astrato. Some of these platforms come with direct support from the developer, while others have a third-party ecosystem of implementation partners. However, there’s more to consider. 

Astrato is uniquely qualified as an embedded analytics platform (and partner!) for healthcare organizations because of its flexible architecture and innovative features. Unlike some other solutions, Astrato is a cloud-native digital platform, meaning it’s specifically designed for today’s modern computing environments. Astrato is a platform-agnostic analytics solution, so it can be deployed no matter which Cloud platform you already use.

Astrao also comes with a range of useful features designed with healthcare organizations in mind. The first is its ability to work with big data and sensitive data simultaneously, meaning you can easily maintain HIPAA compliance. 

In addition, the Writeback feature allows Business Users to give more context to your data and draw on expertise from your wider team. As a result, you can help them communicate ongoing clinical issues and plan resources more effectively.Finally, the low-code interface provides a seamless experience to every Business User, regardless of their data visualization background. Users can quickly build dashboards and embed meaningful insight across their workflows–in just a few clicks!

We have other articles available on adopting the right embedded analytics solution and real-time data reporting. So, check them out if you’d like to learn more and access cutting-edge clinical intelligence tools informed by real-time data.

Improve patient outcomes and access embedded analytics solutions with Astrato

Astrato is a no-code data visualization solution capable of building powerful data visualizations and custom data applications easily and at scale. Our platform offers a range of tools to help you access a deeper understanding of your healthcare organization and the clinical needs of your patients. 

Discover how to embed analytics with no coding skills across your business: see Astrato in action by booking a demo today.