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Introducing: The Astrato Partner Program

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Astrato Partner Program!

Partners are our foundation for delivering the right solution to our customers. The Astrato Partner Program is designed to empower specialist partners with the technology, educational and management support throughout development and sales lifecycles. Together, we unlock new opportunities and accelerate the adoption of cloud BI and analytics.​

Though it can take a lot of heavy lifting to get channel programs off the ground, we’ve been very fortunate!

From finding ideal partners who share your aspirations and values, ensuring the correct people and platforms are in place to do business together, agreeing on commercials, signing agreements, to training and planning marketing activities. These things are all essential ingredients for channel success.

That’s why we’ve been humbled at how quickly interest in our new cloud-native analytics product, Astrato, has grown. And to underline this interest, we’re launching the Astrato Partner Program just three months after launching Astrato itself.

And as we launch the Program, we’re simultaneously celebrating the first five founding Astrato partners who have signed up to join us on this exciting journey!

It was only in December 2021 that we first lifted the covers off Astrato, our new cloud BI and analytics platform – built for the Snowflake Data Cloud to unlock real-time insights for everyone.

Today we’re proud to announce that ALARAS, Axis, Center4BI, Epic Data and HY Analytics, have all joined the Astrato Partner Program, committing their expertise and energies to bring Astrato to their customers in the coming months.

Welcome onboard partners! We’re excited to be working with you.

Of course, all partners have their own particular nuances; capabilities, customers types, sectors, and specialisms. But the five founding Astrato Partners all have one thing in common: an absolute passion to enable their customers to leverage ALL the benefits that a cloud-first approach can bring.

From a customer experience perspective, our new partners value Astrato’s ability to rapidly create pixel-perfect dashboarding on top of Snowflake; enabling analytics without having to move or replicate any data. Hence Astrato’s tagline – play the data where it lives.

From a commercial perspective, in addition to creating SaaS subscription revenues for our partners, Astrato’s live query functionality generates Snowflake compute; another valuable revenue stream for partners.  Plus, it is a win for their customers, who achieve much faster time to value than what they had grown accustomed to.

Keen to come out of the gate at speed, some of Astrato’s founding partners have already started building out Astrato Proofs-of-Concept with their customers. Enjoying the power of customizable dashboard templates and rapid prototyping. As Herb Hess, CEO from Center4BI shared:

 Astrato enabled us to uncover areas like poor data quality to address early on with the business. We were able to show the business the path to gain the most value out of their data by treating it as a true asset.”  

Together, we’ll help more customers make their data talk!  A cloud-first approach for added agility, scalability and cost control. And now with plenty more partners eager to join the program, you’ll soon see Astrato on a Snowflake instance near you.

Interested in joining the Astrato Partner Program? Find out more.