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Is There an AI that can Make Charts and Graphs?

When we think about the possible uses for Artificial Intelligence (AI), we tend to think in broad or dramatic strokes. We ask questions like “Will AI take my job?” or “Can AI solve the climate crisis?” These are important topics to think about, but the reality is that AI is helping us to do some pretty incredible things already, they’re just a bit more subtle (for now!).

For example: AI is making a big difference in data visualization and visual analytics. Today, AI is helping people to create charts and graphs, making it much easier for users of BI solutions like Astrato to extract even more from their data, with less effort, and less time.

Enter Astrato…

Though not an AI model itself, Astrato is developing its powerful OpenAI integration, allowing users to access the incredible power of ChatGPT without ever leaving Astrato.

Astrato is a Cloud-native Business Intelligence (BI) solution that makes data analytics easy and accessible to all users. In the ever-changing world of AI, Astrato benefits from being a dynamic product that can quickly adapt to changes, meaning users always get maximum benefits.

Here’s some insight into how Astrato is leveraging AI – and AI-powered visual analytics like charts and graphs – to enhance the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of its BI insights.

Though not an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model itself, Astrato is developing its powerful  OpenAI integration, allowing users access to the power of ChatGPT from within the platform. Astrato is a Cloud-native Business Intelligence (BI) solution that makes powerful, live-query data analytics easy and accessible to business users. In the ever-changing world of AI, Astrato benefits from being a dynamic product that can quickly adapt to these changes, which means even greater benefits for users. Here’s some insight into how Astrato is leveraging AI to enhance the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of its BI insights.

AI Insights

Astrato’s AI Insights works alongside ChatGPT to generate data analysis and visualizations, like charts and graphs. Users can identify trends, detect anomalies, generate forecasts, conduct causality analysis, and make recommendations via generative ai in just one click. The insights can then be shared directly from Astrato, either through email or Slack. This powerful use of visual analytics democratizes data analysis, empowering business users to leverage their expertise for superior insights.

AI Dashboard Designer

Astrato doesn’t just use an AI tool for charts and graphs. Its powerful data engine automatically recognizes data types and relationships – showing users how the data they’re viewing in a heatmap or a scatterplot is actually interconnected.This is best seen in the AI Dashboard Designer. A well-built dashboard usually comprises charts and graphs, along with other key metrics, to enable data-driven decision-making.

In some cases, choosing the right data visualization is easy: temporal data (e.g. date, time, etc) has different requirements to geospatial data (e.g. maps, geoplots). In these cases, it’s more obvious which type of chart or graph suits the data best. But in some cases, the distinction isn’t as obvious. For example, a bar chart works well for categorical data but not for continuous data. By automatically identifying these differences, business users can be confident they are visualizing their data correctly

When creating a new workbook, users can select the AI Generated dashboard option to help ensure that their data is being displayed in the most effective way.

With this option, users simply describe the goal of their dashboard, including specific areas of interest. This custom prompt is analyzed before returning a dashboard based on the user’s input. This powerful feature gets the user 50% of the way to a beautiful, effective dashboard quickly and easily, so they can focus on making sure the final product is as impactful as possible



Natural Language Generation

One of the most exciting applications of AI is Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP involves enabling computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language. Astrato is using this to convert data analysis into simple text output. This is valuable in making analysis and visualization more accessible to business users. By understanding the context and intent behind the user’s input, Astrato can communicate with ChatGPT, returning custom charts and graphs. For the ‘Explain’ feature in AI Insights, Astrato sends data to ChatGPT which then returns insights based on that information. For the ‘Discover’ feature, the data structure is already provided and the AI delivers analytics that best fit the specifications defined by the user.

Customization and User-Friendly Interface

While AI can do the heavy lifting, Astrato doesn’t compromise on user control and customization. The platform offers an intuitive interface that allows users to fine-tune their visualizations according to their preferences. Users can adjust colors, labels, scales, and other design elements, ensuring that the final output aligns with branding and communication needs.


As a dynamic, Cloud-native BI platform, Astrato clearly leads the pack in terms of AI integration. Features like AI Insights allow users to build charts and graphs in just one click. Whether you’re a business analyst presenting quarterly performance, a marketing professional visualizing customer demographics, or a researcher conveying scientific findings, Astrato’s AI-driven platform offers efficient, accurate data visualization.

Features like AI Insights and the AI Dashboard Generator are in development, but you can learn more about how Astrato makes building charts and graphs easy by booking a demo here!