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Modern Authentication and Security with Astrato

As organizations accelerate their digital business transformation journey and shift to the cloud, it is vital that data and business applications remain secure. Delivering seamless user experience and access, without administration being too complex to manage, is key.

Astrato gives our users a flexible way of using the software – you can start out small by testing the product. The first 5 users are completely free for an unlimited period. You can invite your colleagues or peers, and they can easily sign-up and sign-in using standard login mechanisms such as Google, LinkedIn or a traditional username and password.

And as your usage grows and you are ready to on-board even more users, managing users could feel like it’s becoming a chore. Ensuring that accounts are deactivated for those that have left your organization or inviting new employees probably doesn’t feel like the best use of your time.

Securing Astrato with Enterprise Authentication

When you are ready to turn on Enterprise Authentication within Astrato, it’s possible in just a few clicks.

Astrato supports a standard called OpenID Connect, or OIDC for short, which is an identity layer on top of a well-known protocol called OAuth 2.0.

Without diving into too many technical details, OIDC is a standardized way for software to exchange user identities. Instead of relying on a social login like LinkedIn, Astrato users can configure the software to trust their corporate OIDC identity provider.

Most, if not all, major identity providers today support OIDC, such as:

  • Okta
  • Google Workspaces
  • Azure AD
  • AWS
  • Ping Identity

This setup allows you to use your corporate identity provider to manage user provisioning, passwords and access to Astrato. By enabling Enterprise Authentication within Astrato, you no longer have to invite users. As long as a user is a member of your identity provider, they are automatically granted access to Astrato and no longer have to remember an additional username and password. Instead, they can re-use their corporate identity.

With Enterprise Authentication turned on, you can sleep easy at night and not have to worry whether you remembered to deactivate Charlie in Sales that quit this week.

Interested in getting started?

You can read more about how to set up Enterprise Authentication, and if you are not a user yet:

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