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Mapping has landed in Astrato! 🗺️📊📍

Embark on a journey through the realm of geospatial data and geoanalytics with Astrato’s latest innovation – Interactive Maps! Seamlessly blending data visualization and geographical insights, our new mapping visualization feature empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data.

📍 Point Layers: Pinpoint the exact locations that matter most to your analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions with precision.

🌟 Clusters: Simplify complex datasets by aggregating data points into clusters, providing a clear overview of trends and patterns.

🔥 Heatmaps: Illuminate areas of significance with dynamic heatmaps, revealing density and intensity variations for deeper analysis.

🗺️ Mapping/Image Layers: Customize your map with mapping or image layers, offering unparalleled flexibility to visualize your data in the most impactful way possible.

Whether you’re delving into spatial questions or simply aiming to elevate your data presentation, Astrato’s Interactive Maps serve as your compass in the geographically data-driven world of today.

Example use cases

Supply Chain Optimization: Track logistics, from manufacturing hubs to retail destinations.

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Floorplan heatmaps: to visualize and analyse foot traffic, providing an intuitive way to visualize patterns, densities, or trends within a physical space, aiding in spatial analysis and decision-making processes.

Link to app: https://astrato.io/data-apps/mapping-airport-floorplans/



Geo-targeted Marketing Analysis: analyzing consumer demographics, behaviors, and preferences within specific geographical locations to tailor marketing strategies and campaigns accordingly

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Demographic Studies: helps identify spatial patterns and disparities in demographic characteristics within a region, facilitating targeted interventions and resource allocation.



Ultimate flexibility, endless possibilities

4-Layered Data Representation:

📍Point Layers, 🌟 Clusters, 🔥 Heatmaps, 🗺️Mapping or Image layer, give you utmost flexibility on how to best visualise your data in a map.

Supports the following types of geoanalytics data:

  • Geocode
  • Longitude & Latitude
  • Geohash


Rich customization and styling options

From colours, to groupings, our rich property panel gives you full control and flexibility over how your spatial data is presented.


Coming very soon!

  • New Layer – Area & Shapes (KML)
  • Rich Tooltips for more contextualized analytics on data points
  • Dynamic Layers
  • & more!

Astrato Gallery Apps with🗺️Maps: