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Mythbusting: Three Misconceptions about Embedded Analytics

Choosing an embedded analytics solution is an important decision, and there are a few key areas of understanding that can make or break a team’s choice of technology. It can be difficult to determine what sets one solution apart from the rest, but when it comes to how you and your team work and make critical business decisions, it’s important to separate fact from fiction.


🙈 Fiction: All embedded analytics solutions are created equal

Fact: Cloud-native solutions offer teams increased reliability and performance

Cloud-native analytics solutions harness the power and flexibility of the Cloud to provide teams with the most reliable, accurate information, faster. Unlike traditional BI tools, which must extract raw data before transforming it, loading it, and then finally integrating it with other data sources, cloud-native solutions require no movement of data before providing valuable insight. This ‘Live Query’ process means your data starts talking to your teams right away, and with minimal effort.

Cloud-native solutions such as Astrato also provide more reliable data than traditional tools. Data stored in the cloud is secure, compliant, and governed, which means that your insights and decisions are underpinned by information you can trust.

And the advantage isn’t just about speed and reliability: when it comes to Data Extracts vs. Live Query, cloud-based solutions offer a more resilient, scalable data architecture than traditional tools.

Ultimately, not all embedded analytics solutions are created equal. The goal of any embedded analytics tool is to help your teams do more, with less effort. Cloud-based solutions offer increased performance and flexibility, and empower better, faster decision-making based on the most reliable data available.


🙈 Fiction: Embedded analytics doesn’t save that much time

Fact: Embedded analytics solutions can save teams hundreds of hours each year

It’s estimated that a single employee can spend one-two hours each week toggling between their workflow applications and BI tools. With cloud-based embedded analytics, however, users can view and evaluate advanced data and analytics within their enterprise applications – no toggling required. For a team of just one person, this integration can save over 100 hours in a single year.

And when once-unavailable resources are provided with a solution that streamlines their work processes and reduces their cognitive tax, teams will work more efficiently, while focusing less on wrangling data, and more on core job duties.


🙈 Fiction: Good embedded analytics solutions are difficult to use

Fact: Creator-centric, no code solutions can be used by anyone, and everyone

The right embedded analytics solution for your business is one that empowers everyone to dive into data and gain meaningful insight. When a tool is simple to use, more people will be willing and able to use it, which is why a no-code solution is the best one available. With familiar components and layouts, like Google-style search bars or right-click options, a creator-centric capability like Astrato’s embedded analytics can boost less technical users’ confidence to work with the application, making the tool more accessible for more people.

And with innovative features such as Writeback – a tool that allows users to actually interact with the data, not just read it – creator-centric solutions can transform your analytics from a read-only dashboard into a two-way street. This type of functionality makes the reporting process even more approachable, and understandable, and helps bring data to life.


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