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Snowflake Snowday 2021 highlights

We hope you enjoyed Snowflake’s Snowday 2021. Did it spark new ideas to boost the value of your business data?  We were certainly inspired! Especially by their key themes focusing on connecting global teams and creating new opportunities with data in the cloud. With Astrato we help you stay true to that vision – visualize your data, but play the data where it lives.

Here are a few highlights from the event we wanted to share.

Key Snowday Themes

Snowday themes included numerous innovative developments that will help businesses shift to a modern BI environment in the cloud.

Operate Globally

One of the key event threads was a significant improvement in data replication efficiency, enabling global operations to operate more securely and effectively. Astrato helps you collaborate one step further with writeback and team collaboration functions right in your app.

Eliminate Silos

The starting point of modern analytics is access to data. Achieving that requires the elimination of data silos.  Here Snowflake is making significant strides in bringing together data – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – enabling customers to build powerful analytics solutions in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

I liked learning about what Snowflake is doing to knock down data silos in global organizations. Data silos are a common challenge in BI development, and with the help of Snowflake, we can visualize live, global data, with data security and governance we can trust. I also believe the recent improvements in throughput and execution will really speed time to insights by improving concurrency, reducing compilation time, and increasing performance for multiple, simultaneous, dashboard users!
Emily Cline, Senior Solutions Architect, Astrato

Build Faster

Among the good news for developers at Snowday was the Snowpipe ingestion improvements. Not to mention the launch of Snowpark, a developer framework for Data Engineering and Data Science teams!

Snowpark really impressed me – using Data Science tools directly on top of Snowflake to provide real-time analysis!
Piers Batchelor, Product Manager, Astrato

At Astrato, we’re definitely a fan of this announcement. As Al Herron, Head of Product Marketing shared, “Data Science does not cater to all of the BI and analytics use cases and reporting requirements your business demands. Astrato delivers modern cloud BI that solves the gap.”

Create New Business

The Snowflake Data Cloud is also helping organizations generate new business through a Data Marketplace where users can discover, share, and collaborate on first- and third-party data. It’s a platform that makes it possible to transact directly with data providers and even “try before you buy”!

You can also try before you buy Astrato – sign up here for a free trial.

Big Snowday Announcements

A few game-changing announcements transforming the cloud landscape included:

  • Python support in Snowpark
  • Business continuity enhancements across clouds and regions
  • Ability for Data Engineers and Data Scientists to build pipelines, Machine Learning (ML) workflows, and data applications faster
  • Improvements to the cloud marketplace

Snowflake are truly data champions – providing additional business value through their continual improvements and innovation. We will definitely be at the next Snowflake Snowday, and hope to see you there too!