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👋 Welcome to our December Astrato Newsletter!

We’re excited to share the latest updates, news, and events from the team at Astrato! We’d love to hear from you. Share your feedback to help us shape the future of Cloud BI together. 🚀

New video |
A Modern Data Love Story

Have you outgrown your data visualization solution? Hey, it happens. And we know it can be tempting to stay with your current platform. But a forward-thinking, fun team like yours shouldn’t settle for anything less than BI, reimagined. We’re Astrato Analytics, and we’re the data app partner you’ve been dreaming of.

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Product update |
New Self-Service Analytics Engine

Astrato’s Self-Service Analytics Engine is underpinned by a new methodology that introduces a revolutionary way of organizing and blending your data.

With this new approach as a foundation, Astrato delivers a self-service experience that is much easier to use than other BI tools, such as Tableau, Looker, and ThoughtSpot.

Introduction to Astrato Self Service Analytics


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Top blog post |
Astrato’s 2022 product story told through data

In this blog, we explore Astrato’s 2022 product story. We look back on some of our most exciting contributions to data analytics in 2022 – including an overview of Astrato’s brand-new features and services, and the game-changing capabilities users have within our Cloud analytics platform.

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Community |
Astrato’s DataViz Competition with Mission 

It’s time to show off your skills in our Astrato GoodViz Challenge – and this time,
we’re putting a spotlight on gender bias. The goal of this challenge is to encourage
more #DataForGood initiatives, and raise awareness of important causes around
the world. 

Plus, we get to show off the incredible talent in our Astrato Community! And the best
news… The winning entry will receive a $1,000 prize, which they can claim in vouchers or donate (in whole or in part) to a charity doing good in the tech space.

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Community |
What’s Your Cloud Data Viz Fitness?

Got a growth mindset? Want to keep up with the latest BI tools? Complete the
new Cloud Data Viz Health Check from the team at Astrato to receive actionable
advice that will help you level-up your data fitness level. 

We’ll send you a custom report, jam-packed with customized tips. Plus, it only
takes a few minutes – so why not do it now

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December comic |
Santa’s levelled up!

December | Santa levels up with Astrato