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👋 Welcome to our October Astrato Newsletter!

We’re excited to share the latest updates, news, and events from the team at Astrato! We’d love to hear from you. Share your feedback to help us shape the future of cloud BI together! 🚀

Next event | From Data Modelling to Data Storytelling

Stop taking risks with inaccurate data and avoid the cost of misreporting! Astrato has teamed up with SqlDBM to bring you a streamlined data solution, fit for any modern data stack.

Join us today for a hands-on session at 16:00 BST (11:00 ET / 8:00 PT), featuring insights and advice from database experts Francesco Puppini and Serge Gershkovich. Register now to see the groundbreaking demo first-hand!

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Product update | Astrato Axis Bands

Confusing data charts? Never heard of her. With Astrato’s new Axis Bands feature, you can create charts that clearly convey a story with your data. What’s more, Astrato’s Conditional Coloring and Reference Lines amplify the visual power of our Axis Bands feature. Check out our feature video to see it in action!

Product update | Google Big Query

With the new Google Big Query Connector, you can explore data in just a few clicks. To begin, select the dataset that you want to use – and then connect your tables using a simple drag-and-drop.

Then, you’re free to explore your data and find insights, while combining multiple tables and views. Learn more about how we support Big Query in this recording of Astrato LIVE!


Top blog post | A Guide to Data Governance

Got questions about data governance? We got you! The team has put together a handy, tell-all guide to data governance just for you – and you can find it on our blog! We break down data governance: what is it, why it matters, and what risks are involved.


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Community | Pumpkin ‘Carving’ Contest 

Let’s have a little fun! Decorate your virtual pumpkin using Astrato for a chance to win! Entries will be judged on All Hallow’s Eve (30th of October) and we will be giving prizes to those with the most wicked creations!  So what are you waiting for? Get carving and sharing!


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Community | Astratonaut of the Month

Congratulations to our Astratonaut of the Month, Yogi Achilleos. He said:

Astrato is the greatest cloud-based analytics tool that gives users the pixel perfect artwork they deserver in a modern data driven work. To see your data in such a beauty is unmatched in any other tool on the market. The growth and capabilities added monthly to the tool grows its power exponentially every month.”