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What is Astrato AI Insights?

Astrato AI Insights uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT to produce AI-generated BI insights. The insights are both text-based and visualized, and are produced in just one click. Once generated, the insights can then be shared directly from Astrato, either via email or Slack.

AI Insights works using the ChatGPT API, which allows Astrato to convert a user’s requests into customized prompts. ChatGPT generates a response which is then fed back to the user through Astrato. 

Who is it For?

AI Insights allows any user – from data scientists to business users – to generate meaningful insights, along with clear explanations and recommendations for action. The benefits of consistent, accurate, and lightning-fast data exploration and analysis are relevant to everyone, from recent graduates to C-Suite executives.

It also lowers the data literacy barrier, meaning users with less technical data experience can still generate and benefit from advanced data analytics.

The Business Case for Astrato AI Insights

Faster time to insight. Practical recommendations. Streamlined BI workflow.

We could leave it there, but let’s take a more detailed look at the value added by Astrato AI Insights. 

Accessibility for Business Users

Businesses may want to make their BI more data-driven, but face challenges due to a lack of technical expertise or data literacy among employees. WIth AI Insights, business users can generate high-quality BI in just one click. The intuitive interface and text-based analysis allows business users to apply their own experience in interrogating the data, rather than relaying it through a data analytics team. As a result, specialized data analysts benefit from reduced workload and have time to work on more strategic projects. 

No Manual Data Analysis

No data wrangling, cleaning, or coding. The value of such a simple interface is not only in its ease of use or shorter time to insight, but in the improved consistency and accuracy of the BI. Best practice guidelines can only go so far in standardizing manual data analysis; AI Insights does it by default. 

Advanced Analytics Made Simple

Go beyond traditional BI descriptive analysis with analyses that are more powerful and require no additional strain on resources. Features like forecasting, recommendations for action, and pattern detection – once limited to technical data analysts, can now be generated by business users.

AI Dashboard Designer

Contrary to what you may have heard, dashboards aren’t dead. And with AI Dashboard Designer, a feature of AI Insights, they’re easier to build than ever. The design engine automatically recognises data types and relationships; the user can then build the dashboard with this work already done, no need for them to read large or sensitive datasets.

Share Insights Directly from Astrato

Having generated an insight, the information can be shared via email or Slack directly from Astrato. No downloading. No screenshots. You don’t even need to provide written context as Insights does this for you. Astrato AI Insights not only improves the quality and efficiency of your BI, it facilitates collaboration.

AI is changing the world: It should change your BI too. Astrato AI Insights incorporates this new technology seamlessly into your workflow, delivering better BI, faster and more efficiently. It makes powerful insights accessible to business users, means less manual data analysis, and encourages collaboration.

This is in addition to the inherent advantages of Cloud-native BI over legacy platforms: no data silos, enhanced collaboration, and faster time to insight to name a few. 

How to Get Started

Enhance your BI with Astrato AI Insights by booking a demo here!