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Why cloud-native visualization matters for the modern data team

When it comes to trending topics in the world of Business Intelligence, the talk about what it means to be a “modern” data team or organization is scorching hot.

Today, working as a modern data team means more than becoming a more efficient and agile unit. A modern data team leverages the accessibility and reliability of cloud-native BI solutions to expand the capabilities of your people beyond infrastructure and automation, to problem-solving on an organizational level.

Cloud-native solutions help shift the role of data teams for the better

The best cloud-native analytics solution empowers your data team with access to the real-time insights they need to resolve immediate issues or business questions. When your organization adopts such a solution, business users across your organization can work with data more easily. And when teams and individuals from outside the data team can dig into data and analytics, not only do your business users upskill themselves in this crucial area, but your data experts are freed up to start tackling bigger, more critical issues across the business.

Market researchers estimate that an individual employee can spend one-to-two hours each week toggling between their workflow applications and BI tools. When users are wasting that much time manually viewing and manipulating data insights, the time that they might spend making a real business impact is diminished.

Outside of freeing up this invaluable resource, cloud-native solutions enable modern data teams to work in truly modern ways by transforming them into democratizers of data, and educators. Traditional BI tools are more than clunky, they’re unapproachable. Without coding or technical experience, these tools remain out of reach for most business users, meaning the insights they generate aren’t immediately available to the people who rely on them most.

“This mentality of shifting roles already exists in our data teams. The old-school way of building analytics is dying quickly. Our data teams have evolved with the technology and will continue to do so.” Yogi Achilleos, Founder, HY Analytics

Modern solutions drive understanding across organizations

With a cloud-native platform like Astrato, access to invaluable insight is democratized through the creation experience, which is intuitive, easy, and approachable. Such low or no-code solutions mean that any business user – even those with no coding, analytics, or data visualization experience or skills – can start using the tool right away. Familiar functionalities and designs like drag-and-drop and right-click options create an instant sense of comfort, and opportunities for personalization and customization facilitate a fun, immersive experience. Plus, this ease of use and superior creation experience means that even a novice user can gain a sense of accomplishment or productivity from their very first interaction with the tool.

Said simply: when you adopt a cloud-native BI solution, your data team has the potential to become as big – and as strong – as your business. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your data pros and your business users are on the same level. In fact, it’s crucial to the success of data democratization that your core data team take on the role of quality assurers when it comes to what data and tools are disseminated to the business, and how they’re used. This responsibility contributes to the role of your data team as both data experts and organizational problem solvers, because lack of access and approachability when it comes to interacting with – and drawing insight from – data, is an organizational problem itself. One that your business is capable of solving more efficiently with a cloud-native solution.

The benefits of Cloud BI and live query

Why does a modern data team need a cloud-native visualization solution?

Cloud-native analytics and visualization tools are vital for the modern data team. In the first instance, they provide reliable, secured data that’s trustworthy. And the lack of data movement that accompanies cloud-based tools increases speed to value and ensures that everyone gets the data they need, when they need it. But perhaps more importantly, the right cloud-based tool can help drive the democratization of data across an organization by empowering users with an approachable, intuitive experience that immediately provides a sense of productivity and accomplishment.

Ultimately, the right BI solution for your business is one that empowers everyone to dive into data and gain meaningful insight. When a tool is simple and reliable to use, more people will be willing and able to use it, which is why a no-code, cloud-based solution is the best one available. With familiar components and layouts, like search bars or right-click options, Astrato’s offering can boost less technical users’ confidence to work with the tool, making it more accessible to more people.

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