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Wednesday July 26, 2023

4:00 pm GMT | 11:00 am ET | 8:00 am PT


Data: The Sustainable Approach

Reduce your carbon footprint with Astrato!

Data centers now account for as much carbon emissions as the commercial airline industry! With organizations around the world storing and querying large volumes of data every day, many teams are actively searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint – and we want to help. In this interactive webinar, our team will help you learn more about how to reduce your company’s impact on climate change with Astrato Analytics (while improving your bottom line in the process!) Tune in to get involved in this important discussion!

What you'll learn

  • How your business can lower its carbon footprint with Snowflake and Astrato
  • How Astrato is designed to only query the data it needs, and why this is more eco-friendly (and economically beneficial!) than traditional data querying jobs
  • How Snowflake is tackling climate change, including more about their Data Collaboration for the Climate initiative, which enables users to access hundreds of free datasets within the Snowflake marketplace

Who should attend

Anyone interested in lowering their carbon footprint