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Tuesday March 19, 2024

3:00 pm GMT


Scheduled Reports (PDF/XLSX) in the Cloud: Pushdown SQL -> Printed reports

Discover the cutting-edge reporting capabilities of Astrato Analytics, the premier Pushdown SQL BI tool designed for the modern data stack. During this session, attendees will explore how Astrato can significantly reduce the time spent on manual work associated with preparing and distributing reports, enabling users to focus more on taking action from the insights they gain from the reports. Highlighting a compelling testimonial from one of our customers, we will share how the implementation of Astrato’s reporting capabilities is projected to save at least four full-time equivalents (FTEs) in their organization. This underscores the substantial efficiency gains and cost savings achievable with Astrato, positioning it as the only tool that brings such simplified, yet powerful reporting capabilities directly on top of big data platforms. This session will not only showcase Astrato’s unique value proposition but also illustrate its pivotal role in driving operational efficiency and strategic decision-making across industries.