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03 Workbook Editor
Video Length: 1 min 47 secs


In this video, we will explore how to effectively manage and add media to your workbook using the gallery. Please note, the gallery allows you to upload image files in JPEG, JPG, and PNG formats, with a maximum file size of 9 Megabytes.

In Astrato, the gallery is utilized in two key areas: The Gallery, where you can manage your media, and Graphics, where you can add media to your workbook. To add images, navigate to the Graphics section and select the “Add from the gallery” button. This will offer you the options to select media that has been previously uploaded or upload new media. After uploading the image, you can adjust its name and properties such as size, opacity, saturation, blur, and add a shadow. Additionally, you can choose to upload the image to either the workbook or the tenant, and adjust the render order of the image within the workbook.

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