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03 Workbook Editor
Video Length: 1 min 32 secs


Learn to use Layers to organize the items on your worksheets and to create groups of items for use as Embedded visualizations.

The Layers panel in Astrato can be accessed by clicking on the Layers option in the Workbook editor toolbar. When an object is selected, the corresponding layer is highlighted, and various options such as copy, rename, duplicate, and delete can be accessed by clicking on the ellipsis icon. It’s recommended to rename the layers for better organization and usage in Actions. The menu panel icon allows you to undock the panel and reposition it, while the lock and eye icons enable locking/unlocking items in place and setting view mode and show/hide options for editing. The render order can be adjusted by selecting an item, dragging it up or down the list, and dropping it to place it in the desired rendering order.


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