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Data Extracts vs Live Query

Data Extracts & Exports

Astrato VS

Live Query.
No Data Movement

Business Benefit

Time spent on data wrangling, data cleaning, data discovery, data export and data management

astrato VS

All data management happens within the DW

Reverse the 80/20 rule * - focus on making data talk to the business

Out of date insight. New queries can require new extracts

astrato VS

Up-to-date insight. Superfast re-query

Speed to insight. "What If" querying

No single source of truth

astrato VS

Reports, KPIs and figures add up every time

Insights your entire business can trust and act upon

Slow report load times. Poor user experience

astrato VS

Millisecond report load times: elasticity for users

Rich, interactive and immersive analytics experience drives adoption

Focus on infrastructure plus the data

astrato VS

Focus on insight

Focus on innovation

Security, compliance and governance risks

astrato VS

Data is secure, compliant and governed

Drive revenue growth, cost optimization and customer experience **

Data extracts reside in prone-to-failure locations

astrato VS

Resilient architecture with performance, scale and elasticity

Digital transformation extended to Insight, not slowed by legacy retrofitted BI

* Source - IDC Survey

** Source - Gartner

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