From data to dashboard – instantly.

With direct access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud, everyone can live query data analytics anytime in the cloud.

Why Astrato?

What can you do with Astrato?

Live Query – created for Snowflake’s Data Cloud and Data Governance

Visualize your data, but play it where it lives.

  • Real-time data at your fingertips to support the pace of business decisions
  • Reduce business complexity and modernize your analytics
  • Maintain data security for reliable, accurate data

Best-in-class data analytics and visualization by Vizlib

Fully customizable, advanced dashboarding capabilities. Simple and intuitive.

  • Benefit from Vizlib’s tried, tested and loved visualization expertise
  • Democratize data insights – anyone can automate, reduce manual effort and improve their understanding of data
  • Rich customization to create dashboards suited to your role, department and organization

Analytics-to-action with integrated Writeback

Write, edit and comment on your data without leaving your app.

  • Go beyond consuming data – process, edit, comment and create workflows to support smarter BI
  • Create more context to speed up insight discovery
  • Collaborate with comments, suggestions and fresh perspectives for streamlined, hasslefree teamwork

What people are saying about Astrato

Advise Inc logo

Even more impressive when seeing this amazing solution in action.

Lee Smith
BI Consultant

XRStory logo

It looks very impressive! And now I can connect the data stream to Snowflake, making it platform agnostic. Everything comes from a single source, so the analytics platform can focus on just the data it has.

Robert Svebeck

Victa business inteligence

Great product, with great possibilities. I hope to get my hands on a version with brushing and linking soon!

Jochem Zwienenberg
Senior BI Consultant & PM: Qlik
Victa BI

Victa business inteligence

The writeback capability partnered with layering objects opens the doors to infinite solutions and useability. It also puts Astrato in a league of its own as it would be baked in instead of a workaround solution (most other BI solutions). Example solutions: process automation, decision engines, workflow/data flow management, user-based data customization (ease of use).

Yogi Achilleos
HY Analytics

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