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Astrato for your Leadership and Business Intelligence teams

Astrato is a live-query data visualization and analytics layer on top of Snowflake's cutting-edge Data Cloud. The next evolution of BI - for trail-blazing businesses!

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Astrato for Leadership Teams

The decisions you make keep the heart of the business beating. With Astrato, you get the support you need to make the right decisions at the right time. Leverage the combined power of simple, accessible data analytics and visualization with the agility of the cloud.

Astrato Reliable insights at your fingertips

Reliable insights at your fingertips

As a business leader, the growth and sustainability of your business are in your hands. Get all the power and flexibility you need for quick decisions with direct access to Snowflake's high-performance Data Cloud. Instant, reliable insights you can trust.

Astrato Find answers fast with the power of visualization

Find answers fast with the power of visualization

Your time is valuable. And reviewing columns and rows of figures is not an effective way to get answers. Now you can manage your business performance at a glance with more data visualization and storytelling power. Clear data messages and intuitive navigation that guide you to the right insights fast!

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This opens up so many new ideas for me. I want my platform to be independent of a specific technology - and now there is the option to connect the data stream to Snowflake, making it independent.

Everything you’re looking at on the platform is coming from one, single source. That way, the analytics platform can focus on just the data it has.

Robert Svebeck

Founder of XRSTORY.IO

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Astrato for BI Teams

Astrato is a next-generation live-query analytics solution created for Snowflake's Data Cloud. Analytics to action with no handover of data. Not only is the real estate simple, but you also have more design freedom!

Astrato Improve productivity with the shift to Cloud BI

Improve productivity with the shift to Cloud BI

From In-memory BI to Self-Service, Data Warehouses, and now Cloud BI. Finally, you have all the power, flexibility and scalability of the cloud. No more bottlenecks from legacy systems or data silos - direct access to your data source for improved productivity and performance.

Astrato More time to focus on real analysis and design

More time to focus on real analysis and design

With no-code, drag and drop functionality, data and insights become accessible to all users. This means less time creating dashboards and reports for the whole organization. And your time is freed up to focus on the real analysis and design!

With Vizlib's best-in-class data visualization and analytics built-in, you get all the customization freedom to develop compelling, professional dashboards.

Enable everyone to make live data decisions

Experience all the possibilities of live data insights with Astrato, free for up to five users.

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