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Astrato Workbooks provide a creator-centric canvas for all data users to bring complex data to life – no coding skills needed.

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Data analytics and visualization

Data analytics and visualization by Vizlib

Analyze and visualize your data with Astrato’s intuitive Workbooks. Simple drag and drop functionality to get started quickly. Plus, the freedom to customize dashboards to suit your data exploration and branding needs.


  • No coding skills needed so all users can answer business questions
  • Best-in-class data analytics and visualization by Vizlib for compelling, clear visual data stories
  • Fully customizable to suit your brand and design standards

Live Query your data

Direct access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud. No handover of data means greater agility, performance, and security. Explore Big Data instantly and make live data decisions.


  • Direct access to Snowflake’s cutting-edge Data Cloud for constantly up-to-date data
  • Analyze live data to support agile decisions
  • Synchronized security and governance for trusted, reliable data
Live query
Integrated writeback

Integrated writeback

Modernise your BI – streamline the journey from analytics to action. Write, edit and comment on your data without leaving your app with Astrato’s writeback capabilities. Speed up data exploration and insight sharing, and streamline workflows with reliable, secure data.


  • Get a Single Source of Truth to reduce errors in your data
  • Create custom workflows to automate business processes
  • Full audit trail for hasslefree compliance

How does Astrato work?

Astrato is an analytics and visualization layer on top of Snowflake’s cutting-edge Data Cloud. Create compelling, customized Workbooks with Astrato to visualize and simplify your data. Each time you interact with and filter your visualizations, the Astrato data engine generates a SQL query and visualizes results instantly across all your data. Forget updates and silos, play the data where it lives!

Enable everyone to make live data decisions

Experience all the possibilities of live data insights with Astrato, free for up to five users.

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