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Welcome to Modern Analytics

Welcome to Data Apps - build for cloud

Astrato was purpose built for Snowflake’s Data Cloud, reimagining a world where analytics was cloud-fast, secure and infinitely scalable. Welcome to modern analytics – welcome to data apps built for cloud.

Performance & Scalability

Pay once, scale 1000x

Snowflake’s cache means your dashboards are not only fast, but you’re only charged as little as once a day per unique query.

New queries are still superfast and can be supercharged on larger datasets across billions of rows with dynamic warehouse scaling.

Security & Governance

Compliant analytics for cloud

Security and governance is baked into Snowflake. Because Astrato never moves data, security and compliance teams choose Astrato to minimise risk and maintain data governance. Enterprise authentication, row level security and masking rules for PII are passed through to Astrato.


A unique entirely no-code use case

Time travel + Writeback

Time travel brings back confidence and trust in data. Changes in data are trackable, including what has been written back.

Writeback is the key for us storing the data that drives data apps, it could be comments, new records, or parameters driving Snowpark models, to deliver a richer analytics data apps experience.

AI Insights

Unlock a whole new level of efficiency as an analyst with Astrato Insights. Say goodbye to manual data analysis and hello to consistent, accurate, and lightning-fast insights. Our game-changing feature allows for in-depth analysis of any visualisation, uncovering patterns and relationships with ease.

No more guessing or trying to make sense of the data, Astrato Insights provides clear explanations and reasons for trends.

Technology Select Partner

Validated Partner recognized by Snowflake

  • 100% cloud native
  • Synchronized enterprise authentication
  • Tightly integrated with Snowflake

Data Super Heroes

Approved by our in-house data superhero.

Piers Batchelor
Senior Product Manager

Piers joined Astrato in 2019 and is an award winning data viz expert. Piers spends time across various parts of the product, particularly our Snowflake-first capabilities, Time-Travel and Snowpark.

Snowflake Credit Consumption Workbook

Understand and manage compute costs in real time. Get insight into consumption and filter down to explore team usage, application performance and warehouse uptime!

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