Why Astrato

Astrato is the next-generation live-query data visualization and analytics solution giving everyone access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Live data decision-making and action in one solution!

A creator-centric no-code solution with best-in-class data visualization and analytics, brought to you by the BI experts at Vizlib.

The power and elasticity of Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Cloud-native SaaS solution leveraging the flexibility and performance of Snowflake’s cutting-edge Data Cloud.

  • Connect directly to trusted, live data in the cloud and eliminate data extracts
  • Explore data of any size within minutes of connecting to your Snowflake account for immediate time to value
  • Maintain synchronized security and governance with Snowflake’s platform for reliable BI insights

Simple, accessible data visualization and analytics

Bring complex data to life with no coding skills necessary.

  • A flexible creator-centric tool for developing engaging, interactive dashboards
  • Proven capabilities and features by Vizlib for more dashboarding and exploration freedom
  • Fully customizable to suit your theme and brand needs
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality to kick-start development

The right data at the right time

Make read-only dashboards a thing of the past – support smarter decisions with writeback.

  • Live data alerting to notify you immediately when your data changes
  • Comment and collaborate on dashboards to harness your team’s collective intelligence
  • Edit, submit and update data at the source to streamline your workflows
  • Advanced analytics for more accurate planning

Enable everyone to make live data decisions

Experience all the possibilities of live data insights with Astrato, free for up to five users.

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