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Astrato by the Numbers: Our 2022 Product Story Told Through Data

At Astrato Analytics, our goal is to simplify Business Intelligence for the modern data team. We want to help people access actionable insights and create powerful visualizations from their business data, no matter what prior skill or experience they have with data analytics.  In this blog, we explore Astrato’s 2022 product story. Exploring some of our most exciting contributions to data analytics in 2022 – including an overview of Astrato’s brand-new features and services, and the new capabilities users have within our cloud analytics platform.

24 New Product Releases

At Astrato we prioritize innovation and forward-thinking, and this ethos is reflected in the upgrades and improvements we continuously make to our software. 

Since January, we have brought you 24 major product releases that add real business value to our solution. This includes significant improvements across the board – from cutting-edge engine updates (see: Astrato’s New Analytics Engine Enables a Self-Service, User-Friendly Experience) to sleek tweaks to the user journey and visual design. These new additions give your team new capabilities and better real-time insights into your business data. 

And that’s just the recent updates – throughout the year, our team has worked hard to bring you exactly what you need from Astrato, and more! Other personal highlights include Astrato’s data source expansion, enabling support for PostgreSQL, BigQuery and Dremio (in addition to SnowFlake and Google Sheets). 

Astrato also now offers passthrough authentication for both Snowflake and Google BigQuery to ensure that users will only see what they need to. Needless to say, it’s been an ambitious year of product releases!

400+ New Features and Improvements

Digging further into the data, we are proud to say that our product story includes the addition of over 400 new features and improvements to Astrato in 2022! That’s an incredible amount of evolution, with many updates coming from direct customer insights and user experience.

Some of our most notable additions include: 

  • Pivot Table – elevates our existing table features to help quickly summarize large amounts of data
  • Input Form – enables users to write back and edit items in live database tables (learn more about Astrato Writeback, here)
  • Time Travel – allows you to travel back to a set point in your data, track changes over time and answer new types of business questions fast
  • Embeds – gives you more flexibility! Choose charts, grouped viz or a whole workbook, and embed them into key business apps all with drag and drop simplicity
  • Data View Editor (DVE) –  create aliases, define dimensions and measures, and develop key metrics that can be saved in a data view within Astrato. Plus, these data views are open and accessible for developers to use, share and collaborate with
  • Actions – input customized interactions and analytical (logic) functions to your workbook, without writing any code!

9 months of Astrato Galaxy, With a Community of 300+ Active Users (and counting!)

Since its launch in March, Astrato’s online community, Galaxy, has empowered a total of 348 Astratonauts to connect, inspire, and evolve together. With the support and guidance of fellow users and our in-house moderators, members have been creating, sharing and discussing all things modern data viz!

With Galaxy, users can find inspiration, submit feature requests, and ask questions. There’s even a regular GoodViz Challenge, where we shine a spotlight on important causes around the world. Here’s a few of our most exciting behind-the-scenes stats:

Sounds up your street? Become an Astratonaut for free, today!

Astrato is built to serve organizations and modern data teams as they move towards Cloud BI. At our core, we are future-thinking, and we feel that our 2022 product story reflects that!

If you’re looking for more, find the latest Astrato software news in our product blogs, or check out our top three Galaxy data professionals – Jochem, Joe_Warbington (Industry Principal – Healthcare at Snowflake) and Yogi_HY_Analytics – to see what all the fuss is about.  See you in 2023!