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Astrato is live! Modernize your BI today


Astrato is officially live today, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Introducing the next generation in cloud analytics, a cloud BI and analytics platform that empowers everyone with real-time insights from Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

In today’s seemingly unpredictable world, businesses need flexible, scalable solutions that enable leaders to rapidly innovate and solve problems.

Cloud analytics is the way forward. A recent McKinsey article, “Nine Keys to Becoming a Future-Ready Company” affirms this: “To make the most of data, leading organizations must tackle a complex set of tasks. They must create compelling approaches to data governance, redesign processes as modular applications, tap the benefits of scalable cloud-based technology, and support all this through variable-cost technology budgets that are reallocated dynamically.”

To keep pace with an ever-increasing flow of data, businesses need the power and elasticity of the cloud for fast, informed decision making.

Astrato on the Snowflake Data Cloud

Organizations utilizing Snowflake’s cutting-edge Data Cloud will be able to live-query, analyze and visualize their data where it lives with no data movement – finally eliminating data silos and untrustworthy insights.

“Extracting data from the cloud and the risks associated with moving data ends today.” Martin Mahler, CEO of Astrato Analytics, explains, “By playing the data where it lives, you guarantee the value and accuracy while enabling hyper agility for organizations in how they respond to the insights they discover. Our purpose for creating Astrato is to give flexibility in how data within Snowflake’s Data Cloud is explored and analyzed. This is the future of cloud BI.”

With direct access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Astrato:

✅ Is cloud-native

✅ Unlocks real-time insights across your organization

✅ Provides a creator-centric layer for your data visualization

✅ Provides a best-in-class dashboarding experience by Vizlib

✅ Requires no coding skills!

✅ Closes the analytics loop with integrated writeback

What set’s Astrato apart from other cloud analytics solutions

Unlike legacy BI and analytics tools – retrofitted for the cloud – Astrato is cloud native and plays the data where it lives. Organizations can boost data accessibility, enjoy a faster time to insights while maintaining data governance, security and stability.

Data repositories where data is constantly moved in and out are no longer the answer. Cloud analytics is the future of BI. With Astrato, data stays where it lives, retaining the benefits of cloud storage while giving businesses complete flexibility and elasticity for their data analysis.


Astrato is free to explore for everyone for up to five users, either on Snowflake’s Data Cloud, or with Google Sheets.

Join us for our first Astrato live monthly event to explore a new chapter of BI and how to make your data talk!

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