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👋🏽 Welcome to our January Astrato Newsletter

We’re excited to share the latest updates, news and events from the team at Astrato! We’d love to hear from you. Share your feedback to help us shape the future of cloud BI 🚀 

New Feature |
Custom Report object is here!

Custom Report gives your business users the ability to freely slice-and-dice Snowflake data and extract quick insights without the risk of breaking anything, or losing vital information.

The result? Less dependency on IT, and more actionable insights across your organization. Dashboards are only the start of your data journey. Dig deeper into your data using Astrato Custom Report, and see what happens next!

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Product Update |

Introducing Vizlib Live! 

Astrato was built by the team that brought you Vizlib, the leading analytics solution for Qlik Sense. Now, our team is excited to introduce our newest collaboration – Vizlib Live! 

Built to seamlessly bridge Qlik Sense and your Data Cloud – including Snowflake, Dremio, and GBQ, Vizlib Live! helps you to fuse In-Memory data like never before!

Astrato x Vizlib = Vizlib Live! The best of both worlds

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Top Blog Post |
Data literacy isn’t the silver bullet to analytics success

Astrato product manager, Piers Batchelor, explores how to get people’s attention with data storytelling. Read the blog to learn how to help people become more engaged with data, with time-saving tips, communication 101, and some advice borrowed from the Royal Family’s playbook…

Piers Batchelor - Why data literacy isn't the silver bullet to analytics success

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Upcoming Event |
Pomerol & Astrato Hands-On Lab

We’re teaming up with Pomerol Partners to host a hands-on Virtual Lab. Join Astrato’s Piers Batchelor and John Fitzgerald from Pomerol Partners, on Thursday 9 February at 2:00 GMT (3:00 CET / 8:00 CST).

You can expect a first-hand demo of Astrato in action, tips and tricks for building the best possible visualization for your needs, and everything you need to know about Pomerol’s popular DataDNA challenge.

Astrato is partnering with Pomerol Partners for a virtual lab webinar

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Community |
Congratulations to the winners of our DataViz competition!

Our last GoodViz Challenge shined a spotlight on Women In STEM, and the entries highlighting this important cause were absolutely incredible! It was hard for the judges to pick the winners, but there were a few stellar workbooks that stood out from the rest (check out the winning entries).

Congratulations again to everyone who participated, we can’t wait to see your entries for our next competition! Stay tuned for updates.

Winning entry - Astrato GoodViz Challenge 2023

Check out the winning entries 

Dashboard Spotlight |
Astrato x ChatGPT

ChatGPT has got the whole world talking… but what are people really saying about it? Astrato’s very own Jane Li pulled data from Twitter to understand how people are loving (or hating!) the tool so far. So, what’s the verdict? Check out this impressive dashboard to find out.

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