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Sankey use cases

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We’ve just rolled out our Sankey chart – continuing to revolutionise the game for how you see and interact with your live data in the cloud. ☁️😃

A Sankey chart is a flow diagram for creating and visualising flows between your data. The chart or diagram displays the flow quantity proportionally—the wider the link, the greater the flow quantity. The chart is structured so that these links connect the different nodes or processes. The flows can be combined or split and traced through a series of stages or events to draw out potential business opportunities from the visualisation.

Typical use cases:


Funnel analysis and drop-off points of a customer journey in Marketing dashboards.


Analysing mass flows on a multi-machine manufacturing production line or  displaying dynamic energy flows.


Patient flows and clinical relationships or diagnoses made and medications refilled in Healthcare.


Visualise and analyse financial flows, for bank earnings and net profit diagrams, cashflow, budgets in Financial Services


ℹ Where does the Sankey come from?

It’s named after Irish Captain Matthew Henry Phineas Riall Sankey, who first used this type of diagram in 1898 in a publication on energy efficiency in steam engines. 

Customer story: Peprr         

Peprr, the customer journey measurement and 1st-party data creation company, is an early adopter of the Sankey chart.


Jeremy Saul their CPO says: “This is a welcome addition to the platform and is a core visualisation for Peprr to really demonstrate the power of the Peprr ID in our journey analysis tool. Astrato has yet again shown its ability to understand the needs of its clients and deliver on its product development road map.”


See the dashboard below

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