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The Business Benefits of Astrato Live Query

While it can hardly be called a secret (as by now, virtually every organization should know this!), the secret to success for any data-minded business is the ability to access and share data throughout their organization. While some data must admittedly be kept in a “silo” to protect customer privacy, the average modern business needs its data to be readily available and reliable for all levels of the organization, from data teams to business users.

Research indicates that an astounding amount of data, exceeding 1.1 trillion megabytes, is generated daily. It’s hardly astonishing, considering the vast number of businesses in the US alone, which surpasses 8.1 million. Consequently, a substantial portion of this colossal datastream directly relates to business operations.

With organizations grappling with such massive amounts of data, it’s no wonder that effective data management and analysis have emerged as vital focal points for modern businesses.

Historically, businesses have typically relied on clunky, old analytics infrastructure. However, for the modern data team, “traditional” Business Intelligence (BI) tools won’t do the job. Instead, an organization must adopt a Cloud BI approach to remain competitive. 

Cloud-native data analytics software and BI solutions such as Astrato have proven indispensable to hundreds of businesses due to the ability to Live Query data and deliver real-time insights. In this blog, we will explain more about Live Query and highlight what the benefits – including faster insight and more meaningful data analytics – are for your modern business.

What is Live Query?

As the name suggests, a Live Query is a type of query that continuously monitors a database to provide live insights in real-time. A Live Query offers an efficient way for data teams to analyze live data, allowing them to see their desired results/information without manually refreshing their data analytics solution. 

What are the benefits of Astrato Live Query?

Compared to the traditional method of data extracting and importing (which relies heavily on moving data from A to B and wrangling with complex data governance rules), Live Query increases speed to insight by removing unnecessary data relocation. 

With a Live Query, users can benefit from up-to-date insights and super-fast, millisecond querying as there is no data movement. In addition, with a Live Query, all data management occurs within the data warehouse, giving customers greater peace of mind over the safety of their data while providing data teams with a single source of truth.

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Removes silos & encourages collaboration

At Astrato, we firmly believe in empowering teams to “play the data it lives.” This concept is the backbone of Live Query, which as highlighted above, means that you no longer have to move data to conduct analysis. By using Astrato as your Cloud analytics and BI solution, data teams can access data from the source and obtain live insights on their data in real-time. Live queries can also help prevent data silos from forming as data no longer needs to be exported to be analyzed, encouraging collaboration across different departments and teams.

Meanwhile, For Business Users, getting updates and live insights from their organizations’ data can also help important decision-makers make confident, agile and data-driven decisions. 

Simplifies data management with faster report times

Data management across multiple systems can very quickly become unwieldy, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. However, with cloud-native BI solutions like Astrato, and data warehouses such as Snowflake, businesses are increasingly using online platforms to store their data and conduct real-time analysis on it. 

Live Query provides data teams with faster insights. As the average company handles vast amounts of data, organizing and moving this data can be a considerable, time-prohibitive endeavour. However, with a Live Query, data no longer needs to be moved around to be analyzed. 

Data teams using Astrato’s Live Query capabilities can also use up-to-date information directly from the source, which in turn, provides a much faster turnaround on reports and simplifies data analytics

Therefore, Live Query simplifies data management and helps make data more secure as there is no data movement involved in the process. With a Live Query, data is analyzed at the source, meaning less time and resources are spent on data cleaning, discovery, and management. 

Live query for Snowflake

Enhance your Business Intelligence with Astrato Live Query

As we have previously illustrated, there are numerous benefits of using Live Query, whether you’re a start up, scale up, or enterprise business. 

As a Cloud BI platform, Astrato can help your company realize and maximize your data’s potential. For a limited time only, we are running a guided trial of our platform, helping you make the most of our disruptive BI solution.  

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