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What We Expect to See at Snowflake Summit

Snowflake Summit 2023 is the biggest data event of the year. Following game-changing developments in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past few months, and more businesses moving their data to the Cloud, the Summit has never been more relevant. This year, app development and the integration of AI into Business Intelligence (BI) are some of the summit’s key themes.

The Astrato team is heading to Las Vegas to attend the Summit and demo some of our exciting new features in these areas. This article provides some insight into what you can expect from Snowflake Summit, and the Astrato team in Vegas!

New features from Astrato

AI Insights

On the first evening of the summit, Jensen Huang, co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA, and Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman, will discuss the trends in generative AI and accelerated computing, as well as the consequences of these technologies for different business models. Astrato recently released our own AI Insights feature, which demonstrates how AI-generated data analysis and visualizations can be incorporated into BI dashboards. The insights are both text-based and visual, indicating trends, detecting anomalies, forecasting, and conducting causality analysis.

Through AI Insights, business users can find actionable business intelligence without an analytics team. Since Astrato is a cloud-native platform, delivering BI in real-time and facilitating data collaboration is fast and easy. The insights can then be shared directly from the platform, ensuring data-driven business decisions are grounded in the best available information.

Query Insights

One of the goals of Snowflake Summit 2023 is to facilitate data collaboration. Storing, analyzing, and visualizing data in the Cloud makes this easy, and Query Insights from Astrato makes it easier. It also enhances data security and BI. Security is improved as authorization can be given to a wider group of employees without exporting any data, offering greater control over who has access. Additionally, moving data between different sources requires time and effort spent on data wrangling, cleaning, discovery, and management. Keeping it in the Snowflake Data Cloud avoids this. It also ensures insights reflect the most up to date information and frees up time for data professionals.

Special events and break-out sessions

All-female Hackathon

One of the highlights of the event is the All-female Hackathon, co-hosted with Women in Data. The United States Census Bureau, a principal agency of the U.S. Federal Statistical System, estimates just 27% of people working in STEM roles in the US are women. There aren’t any quick fixes here, but the event aims to address this imbalance, promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Specific attention will be paid to areas of sex-based inequality in the workplace, such as the gender pay gap, education gap, gender bias, and inequalities in women’s health.

Astrato speaking sessions

All attendees have the opportunity to improve their technical skills and knowledge of Snowflake through a range of sessions held over the course of the event. Some are categorized by career domain, such as data engineering, data science, and analysis, while others are aimed at different technical abilities, from those new to Snowflake through to advanced users looking for tips and tricks from experienced pros.

Snowflake Superhero and Astrato Product Manager, Piers Batchelor

One of those pros is our very own Piers Batchelor, who is part of the ‘Rapid Fire Use Cases and Overview of Snowpark’ panel discussion. Piers is one of the Snowflake Data Superheroes who will be offering advice on how to get the most out of Snowpark, an interface that allows users to write code in the programming language of their choice. The session is designed to provide introductory information about Snowpark that’s applicable to all industries.

Astrato Founder and CEO, Martin Mahler

The following day our CEO, Martin Mahler, is hosting ‘5 Top Use Cases on How Your Business Can Use Data Apps on Snowflake’. Astrato enables users to build no-code/low-code data apps in Snowflake. Martin will be providing insight into how data apps work, how they can be used within the business, and how they can be integrated into Snowflake to produce better BI, more efficiently. You definitely don’t want to miss it!


UPDATE: See the live webinar version here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm5wxQOqG3U

Snowflake Summit Martin Mahler session

Astrato + SqlDBM partner event

Alongside our partners at SqlDBM, Astrato are hosting an exclusive event at Wheel House, where participants can delve into the seamless integration of SqlDBM’s innovative database design offerings with Astrato’s cutting-edge data analytics and visualization technologies. Together, they foster an immersive and collaborative environment for database optimization and management exploration.

Astrato + Calibo Top Golf event

Astrato are also teaming up with Calibo for an evening of food, drinks, and TopGolf on Wednesday June 28. Register to join in what will be an incredible penultimate night of Snowflake Summit 2023 here.


What’s not on the Summit agenda that we’re excited to learn more about? Here’s what’s on our minds:

In May, Snowflake acquired Neeva, an AI start-up founded by a former Google advertising executive. In light of this, and other exciting developments in the world of AI, we expect to hear much more about how Snowflake is integrating AI into its data Cloud technology.

Snowflake also recently launched the Government & Education Data Cloud, a new data service offering for the public sector, combining the Snowflake data platform, industry-specific data sets, and innovations developed by Snowflake and its channel partners. Most discussion in the field of Cloud data systems focuses on the private sector, so we’re excited to hear more about use cases for government and education.

Will we see you there?

The Snowflake Summit takes place in Las Vegas from June 26-29. If you haven’t yet, you can register here.

Stay up to date with the Astrato team as we ramp up for Snowflake by following us on Linkedin and Instagram.