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Data Ingest with Astrato & Snowflake: UK Property

Real-time data ingest: UK property map | ⚠️ 🆄🅿🅳🅰🆃🅴: Zoopla API no Longer Available

Load data right into Snowflake using this Astrato Data App demo. Reading directly from APIs into Snowflake, presented and initiated, right in Astrato. This Astrato Data App brings you data on demand, froom the Zoopla API, searching the UK property market in real time, storing the data in Snowflake and visualising it instantly in Astrato.


Built for you, by Snowflake Data Superhero & Astrato Senior Product Manager, Piers Batchelor.

See the full blog, with code: https://medium.com/snowflake/python-data-ingestion-with-snowpark-in-5-steps-d5dbd305ad69


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