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Astrato Writeback: From read-only dashboards to two-way data apps

To keep up with rapid changes in the global marketplace, businesses need to speed up their digital transformation journey. One of the essential components in making your data work for you is creating two-way data stories with writeback – enabling you to speed up the time to insights and smarter decisions.

The death of read-only dashboards

A lot of time and energy goes into creating effective data dashboards. And with the traditional BI process, the path to actionable insights is often confusing, and convoluted. When your dashboards are read-only, you’re likely contributing rather than detracting from this complexity.

Why? Well, most dashboards are a type of visual report only; a way to distribute information, not interact with it. In this case, dashboards don’t include opportunities to add data or comments. As a result, teams are forced to find other ways to collaborate and make decisions about their findings. It’s an inefficient process that results in more questions, and even fewer answers. Without a clear path to building a two-way data experience, this cycle goes on, wasting time and resources as it continues.

Astrato: The two-way data experience

Introducing Astrato Writeback – the potential to create new data-driven cloud experiences. Think beyond a traditional dashboard. With Astrato, you can build the future of data visualization within your organization by driving two-way data storytelling. Capture and visualize your data entirely in the same product without any special training or knowledge of spreadsheets and formulas.


Our writeback journey begins with Astrato’s Input Form (coming soon), the first of many writeback features in our roadmap. The input form makes it easy for anyone to add new data entries in real-time, or even add further context to existing data. To take your reporting one step further, you can use the input form to update business targets (provided that the data source is set up to load the desired values). You can input your sales data directly into your KPIs and keep your key metrics fresh, or update financial forecasts or stock information on the fly.

All without leaving your dashboard.

At Astrato, we don’t just offer visually appealing dashboards, we help you bring your data to life with two-way day stories. Dynamically add new data, update targets, or even comment against your data with the power of writeback.


The arrival of Astrato’s native writeback solutions adds a wealth of opportunity to the cloud BI space. No more custom-built or bolt-on third-party solutions are needed. It’s just you and the data source on this journey. Have a conversation with your data with writeback.

More writeback features coming soon, so stay tuned!

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